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    We’re interested in finding out not just what converts but why it does.
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    The user journey doesn’t stop with a tap on an ad. The app store is a crucial part of converting paid installs. Fight ever-increasing cost per installs (CPIs), increase your return on ad spend (ROAS) and hit your targets.

    It’s time to optimize the
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    Learn which messages drive the highest conversions for Browse & Search traffic. Implement a powerful organic user acquisition process that works. It’s time to grow where growth is hard.

    85% of all installs are
    organics, give them the
    attention they deserve

    Homepage - 8
    Homepage - 9

    Know your users better than
    they know themselves

    Gain intimate insights into the road to install and
    let those learnings feed your overall marketing efforts.

    The more you know the better your strategy.

    Homepage - 10
    Homepage - 10

    Haven’t launched yet?
    Get conversion rate data
    before you even do

    Ensure a successful app launch by discovering what drives users, with concept and prelaunch testing.
    Make decisions based on real data from the get-go.

    Give your app a running start

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      Expert technology

      Save money and gain more
      avenues for analysis with our
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      Expert Team

      Since the app stores’ inception, our team
      has been perfecting app store testing to
      inform app store optimization strategy
      and help you achieve the highest possible
      conversion rates.

      Actionable Insights

      Testing is not just about finding a
      winning variation, it’s about
      discovering insights that can drive
      strategy across your entire mobile
      marketing funnel.

      Hear it straight from those who know

      Vanessa Rouhani, SVP of Publishing,  Jam City

      Storemaven has become an extension of our team and they have helped bring our products to life from early concept to growth and maturity.

      The intelligent platform, coupled with constant innovation and strategic analyses from the team, has helped us increase the quality of our app installs and boost app growth.

      Vanessa Rouhani, SVP of Publishing, Jam City