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How to Use App Localization & Culturalization to Boost Conversion Rates

When the platforms today support a vast global reach, your goal as an app developer should be to take advantage of this exposure. Learn the basics and much more in this article

Jam City and Storemaven Discuss the Next Generation of ASO

First, there were the bare basics. Then we evolved and ASO became an art.

How to Find the Right Keywords for Your App in three Steps

This is a guest post from Oliver Hoss, Mobile Marketing Manager at and author of the book “App Store Optimization – A Step-by-Step Guide to Boosting Your App’s Organic Downloads”.

How iOS 13 Affects App Store Optimization (ASO)

Yesterday, September 10th, the world was watching as Tim Cook opened Apple’s annual ‘Special Event’.

How International ASO Helped a Brand New Game Get 10 Times More Downloads

This is a guest post by Andrew Konovalskyi, Lead iOS Developer at Heatherglade Game Studio in partnership with AppFollow.

Increase Your Downloads: How to Attract In-App Traffic in Hypercasual Games

Guest post by Natalie Stepanova, Head of Marketing & PR at Apptica, a mobile advertising intelligence and app analytics tool.

Pearl’s Peril Increases Reengagement Amongst Lapsed Users

Wooga (now a part of Playtika) is a well-established mobile game developer and has been in the casual gaming industry for 10 years now.

What the Google Play Redesign Means for Developers and ASO

Google Play is slowly but surely rolling out a significant redesign of the Play Store App Listings. Unlike Apple, who only redesigned the App Store once in the last decade, Google makes changes fairly frequently.

What Does New Data on Reinstalls Mean for App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Tune recently partnered with Apple to access and analyze data on new and returning app users, and the findings highlight a unique opportunity for App Store Optimization (ASO) on iOS.

5 Components of a Winning ASO Strategy

Discover what are the components of a winning ASO strategy.