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How to Find the Right Keywords for Your App in three Steps

This is a guest post from Oliver Hoss, Mobile Marketing Manager at Scout24.ch and author of the book “App Store Optimization – A Step-by-Step Guide to Boosting Your App’s Organic Downloads”.

How to Design the Perfect App Store Product Page

Content is everything. Each element on your App Store Product Page has a crucial role in driving installs to your mobile app.

First Steps in App Store Optimization: Tips from Storemaven’s Data Analysts

“Where do I start A/B testing App Store pages, and how does that fit into our App Store Optimization flow?”

How App Store Engagement Data Can Change the Way You Market Your App

After analyzing thousands of app store creative tests that leading mobile publishers have conducted on our platform, we’ve identified what makes companies successful in their app store optimization (ASO) strategies, and why many others fail.

Increase Your Downloads: How to Attract In-App Traffic in Hypercasual Games

Guest post by Natalie Stepanova, Head of Marketing & PR at Apptica, a mobile advertising intelligence and app analytics tool.

Q&A: How to Guarantee Successful Mobile App UA and Product Launch Campaigns

When building user acquisition (UA) and product launch campaigns for mobile games and apps, there are numerous processes, such App Store Optimization (ASO), that developers need to incorporate into their strategy in order to be successful.

The Blind Spots in Mobile Marketing Measurement and What to Do About Them

In the app store ecosystem, User Acquisition (UA) and App Store Optimization (ASO) teams always have one goal in mind: mobile growth.

ASO App Store Testing 101: Where to Start

The goal of any ASO creative optimization strategy is simple: increase conversions. It would help if those conversions will be high quality and consistent but mostly just to get the most eyes on page and the most installs per set of eyes.

3 ASO Tips Shopping Apps Must Embrace

A quick glance into the shopping category tells us most apps still ignore one of the basic rules of app store optimization: What is successful in one platform will not necessarily work in the other.

3 ASO Tips Every Travel Brand/App Should Read

With expectations of revenues reaching $1,091 billion by 2022 and no signs of slowing down, the online travel industry is becoming not only one of the most lucrative markets but also one of the most competitive ones.