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How Jam City Found the Balance Between Searching for New Users and Catering for Lapsed Ones

This American video game company looked for a way to bring back their lapsed users, while still optimizing its pages for first-timers. Here's how they manage to embrace and cater to their most loyal users using Storemaven.

How LeoVegas Reduced Acquisition Costs and Increased ROAS with Testing

The mobile gaming giants from Sweden struggled with exceptionally high CPIs on their home turf. Here's how they managed to discover the remedy with Storemaven.

How VSCO Increased App Store Conversion Rates by 30% Using Localization

Learn how VSCO leveraged Storemaven to execute a localization strategy that resulted in up to 30% conversion rate lifts.

Storemaven’s ASO Expertise Drives Zynga’s Mobile Growth Strategy

Watch Matt Curtis, VP Growth Marketing at Zynga, and Maria Waters, Head of Conversion at Zynga speaking about how they leverage StoreMaven to drive their mobile growth strategy.

How Wallapop Increased App Install Conversion Rates by More Than 26%

StoreMaven played a paramount role in Wallapop’s efforts to increase app install conversion rates. This e-commerce, ASO case study will show how StoreMaven was able to provide Wallapop with four major gains:

How Pearl’s Peril Increased Reengagement Amongst Lapsed Users

With Pearl’s Peril having been around the block for a while, and had surged in popularity throughout its lifespan, it’s only natural that some players have lapsed over the years. How do you win them back?