The industry has established that testing app store marketing assets is an integral part of ASO and has become mandatory for increasing install conversions. But how is App Store Testing even possible?

In the past, this was impossible. Apple doesn’t allow you to have multiple live variations of your page in the app store, and Google Play only recently introduced the capability of testing up to 4 alternatives.  

StoreMaven’s simple solution to app store testing

You send a limited traffic sample to multiple variations of your cloned app store page, designed by you on our self-serve platform, to quickly analyze user behavior based on numerous engagement metrics. This helps you understand how best to increase conversions on your page.

Here’s a diagram to demonstrate the basic user flow:


The Testing Cycle

These are the 5 basic stages of each testing cycle:

  1. Create your StoreMaven app store page variations
  2. Send traffic to your Test URL (i.e. provided by StoreMaven – we take care of splitting traffic between variations!
  3. View data in our real-time dashboards as we collect data on users’ behavior
  4. Get significant results as users exhibit a preference for a particular variation
  5. Push an update to your store listing with the winning variation


Now that you understand how this works, try building a sample test by clicking here!

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