ASO Teardown: How News Break Got X10 More Installs Then the Norm

In this series, we’ll dissect the strategies implemented by major apps on their way to success. Kicking it off with News Break and how they adjust to the COVID-19 crisis

More than 180 countries now have confirmed cases of COVID-19, with almost one million people worldwide already diagnosed with the virus. While the scale of the impact on the world is still dependent on how long the current economic disruption lasts for, it’s clear that these days it’s business not as usual. But, without being even a bit cynical, for some it can still offer an opportunity.  

Today we’re launching a new video series here at StoreMaven, in which we will take apart some of the most successful ASO strategies we’ve encountered, finding actionable takeaways that we can implement in our day-to-day activities. 

For our first ASO Teardown, we’ll take a closer look at how apps can achieve the sensitive balance needed between addressing the situation and being relevant while not being seen as opportunistic bloodless capitalists amidst a serious pandemic.

News Break, the online news app, found just the right balance and managed to turn this crisis into real lemonade. This is how:

Jonathan Fishman
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