Post-Install Event

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What is a Post-Install Event?

A post-install event is any user action that happens while an app is being used, after it’s been installed on a device. The list of potential post-install events is massive and includes:

  • Launching an app
  • Completing registration
  • Beating the next level of a game
  • Watching an in-app advertisement
  • Making an in-app purchase

How to Track Post-Install Events

As far as app advertising goes, post-install events are often tracked when advertisers use cost-per-engagement and cost-per-action pricing models. By tracking post-install events, publishers know how much to charge advertisers for the user actions they help generate.

This is how it typically works: an advertiser creates an ad and chooses a post-install event. A publisher runs the ad and tracks the user actions said ad generates. The advertiser pays the publisher for the specific post-install events the ad generates, but nothing else.

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