Watch our Webinar: How to Improve UA Performance on iOS 15 – The CPP Fireside Chat

How to leverage Apple's Custom Product Pages feature and boost your UA efforts? Check our latest webinar with experts from MobileAction and Socialpoint for more.
How to improve UA performance webinar

Apple’s newest iOS 15 feature – Custom Product Pages (CPP in short), has a massive impact on mobile growth teams and on various UA metrics such as your ROAS.

This was the main discussion point in our webinar: “How to improve UA performance on iOS 15 – The CPP Fireside Chat”. Our VP of Marketing and Growth, Jonathan Fishman, teamed up with Taha Karsli, Head of Growth and Partnership at MobileAction and Elia Moliner, ASO Manager at Socialpoint, as they covered:

* What are CPPs – a reminder
* How to come up with Hypotheses for testing
* The impact on growth metrics
* How to build the new UA marketing team
* And much more

Below you can watch the full recording of the webinar:

Five things you must know about Custom Product Pages

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