Setup ASO tests for the App Store and Google Play pages by creating cloned versions of these pages and sending live traffic by using banners on Facebook / Instagram / Adwords or other digital channels. Not sure how StoreMaven works? Click here to learn more.

Step 1 – Add a New App on StoreMaven

If you are a new user, click the “Sign Up” button in the top right hand corner on StoreMaven’s home page.

image - sign up

Register by entering your information in the pop-up window:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password

Click the “Get Started Now” button

Image 2 - signup
Activate your account by clicking the link in your email.

Image 3 - signup

If you already have a StoreMaven account
, add a new app from your StoreMaven dashboard by clicking on the triangle  in the left hand corner

Image 2


Select “Add new app.”

Image 3


Step 3 – Choose your App’s Platform

Choose the relevant platform (in this example, we will use iOS).

Image 4

Step 4 – Upload App Store Pages on StoreMaven

Enter the name or URL of your app in the US App Store

Image 5

OR enter the URL of your app in any local store

Image 6

For prelaunch apps, upload your creatives manually by clicking the “Upload an icon” button

Image - add pre launch
Click “Let’s go!”

Image 7

StoreMaven will automatically pull your app’s creatives and description and add them to the Design Studio.  (NOTE:  Your App Preview Video will need to be uploaded manually.) This is your control variation – your current app store page variation.

Step 5 – Create New App Store Page Variations

Click on the duplicate icon in the sidebar on the left hand side

Image 10
Name your new variation and click “Save”

Image 11

You can now edit or change creatives for testing purposes.

Step 6 – To Edit An Icon

Hover over icon image and click on the trashcan to delete it.  

Image 8

Click the box again to select and upload a new icon.

Image 9

Step 7 – To Edit Name, Developer, Rating and Price

Edit the following as you would like it to appear on your test App Store page:

  • App Title (your App Title i.e. Facebook Groups)*
  • Developer
  • Rating
  • Price

Image 12

Step 8 –  To Add, Remove Or Edit Screenshots

– To add creatives, click the “Add” button above the screenshots to select and upload new or additional creatives.
– To delete creatives, hover over the screenshot you want to remove and click the trashcan.
– You can also rotate images by hovering over an image and clicking the rotate button.
– To move creatives, click and drag the image to the place you want to move it.

Image 13

Click on the relevant device (iPhone 5,6,6+) to see how your screenshots will look in a
first impression (above-the-fold view) as marked by the red lines.

Image 14

Step 9 –  To Add An App Preview Video

Click the “Choose File” button to upload your App Preview Video.

Image 15

Step 10 – To Edit Description

Edit your description in the text box.

Image 16

Step 11 – Preview Your App Store Page

Click the “Switch to Preview mode” button.

Image 17

– Interact with your variation – Scroll down the page and through your gallery, enlarge images –  experience how users will interact with your store page.
– Copy link to share with colleagues (Only you can make edits to the variation).

Image 18

Step 12 –  Create Additional Store Page Variations

Switch back to Edit Mode.

Image 19

Repeat process and create as many variations as needed for the test

Step 13 –  Create a Test

Click the “Create New Test” button.

Image 20

Select the variations (App Store pages) you wish to test and click “Next”.

Image 21

– Enter test name and description (NOTE: This is internal and users won’t see it).
– Select the goals of the test by clicking the box next to the option or entering your own goal in the “other” box.  The helps the StoreMaven team understand how to interpret the results from your test.

Image 22

Click on “Show Advanced Settings.”

Image 23

– Select the Test Language for your App Store page (default is English).
– If you are using attribution URLs, add them here.  Otherwise, select “Don’t use attribution URLs” (this is the default).
– Under Destination URL, enter the URL you want users to land at after they click on the “GET” button on your StoreMaven test pages. For an existing app, your current App Store page URL will be automatically added and selected.

Image 24

Click on “Activate Test.”

image 25

Click on “Go to Live Test Page.”

Image 26

Step 14 –  Your StoreMaven Test Link

– Send all traffic to the StoreMaven Test Link.
– Users will be distributed across all test variations automatically.
– Click on the “Test Link” button to get the link.

image 27

Copy the test link and use it in your ads.

image 28

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