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Episode #12: The Evolution of Mobile Growth with Mary Filimanchuk

In episode 12 we welcomed Apalon's Director of Marketing Mary Filmanchuk. We discussed innovation as a skill, the different types of marketers and the unfolding of a modern campaign.

Episode #11: Advertising Without Targeting with Chang Chen

In this episode, we chatted with Chang Chen from, about understanding the users, lookalike audience, and targeting strategies. Listen to this episode and more here.

Episode #10: Growth Without Paid UA With Dora Trostanetsky

Join our own Esther Shatz and Dora Trostanetsky from SoundCloud, to hear about the audio platform's amazing journey to the top of the charts, without even spending money on UA.

Episode #9: Do TV Ads Work for Mobile Growth With Fabien-Pierre Nicolas

Episode nine of our podcast welcomes Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, VP of US Marketing at SmartNews, to talk about one of the most questionable growth channels out there: TV advertising.

Episode #8: Combining Marketing and Product For Growth with Nebojsa Radovic & Joseph Kim

In episode eight of our podcast series, Esther Shatz is joined by Nebojsa Radovic and Joseph Kim, to see how you can easily combine marketing and product resources to drive mobile growth.

Episode #7: Optimizing For Revenue with Matej Lancaric

In episode seven of our podcast, we sit with Matej Lancaric, a UA expert, to talk about gaming KPIs, how to soft launch your product and how to strategize app monetization efforts.

Mobile Growth and Pancakes podcast – The Vault

All the episodes, all the guests, and all that is important to know about app store optimization and mobile growth. And yes, sometimes we talk about pancakes too.

Episode #6: Balancing Performance and Brand Marketing with Adam Hadi

Episode six of Mobile Growth and Pancakes welcomed Adam Hadi, VP Marketing at Current, as we discussed performance and influencer marketing and the major shifts in the industry.

Episode #5: Incrementality Projects with George Natsvlishvili

Episode five of Mobile Growth and Pancakes featured George Natsvlishvili, Glovo's Head of Organic Growth. We discussed leveraging both ASO and SEO to generate users, and the approaches and metrics he uses to drive traffic.

Episode #4: User Acquisition Systems with Claire Rozain

In episode four of Mobile Growth and Pancakes, we talked with Claire Rozain, UA Manager at Product Madness, about the more systematic approaches to user acquisition.