Join our Annual Event: That’s the Tea on mobile growth 2021

It will be hard to recreate last year's success, but we'll sure try. Come and learn from the world’s best mobile growth experts. Start by saving the date, more details to follow.

We started the countdown.

Storemaven’s annual event, That’s the Tea on Mobile Growth 2021, is already in sight.

After last year’s success – which you can be reminded about here, we are aiming bigger, and better this time.

Join our Annual Event: That's the Tea on mobile growth 2021 - 1

Join us on Thursday, the 28th of October. We’ll have some of the top experts from the mobile growth world joining us, discussing everything iOS 15 – from creative prowess to building or changing a mobile marketing team under this new reality, and the use of contextual marketing to boost conversion rates.

The agenda is almost finalized, but you can already sign up (it’s virtual of course and free), add it to your calendar and look for the most relevant discussions.

Use this link to sign up for the event.

Check for updates on our Linkedin page and on our newsletter – you can sign up below.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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