Watch our Webinar: Maximizing the Funnel with Creative Optimization

What makes a good creative, how important they are for your App Store strategy, and how to measure their success? Watch our webinar with Gamesforum to learn more.

Do you know why creative optimization is so important when discussing App Store success? Are you familiar with how they work and how they fit into your wider game marketing?

Our latest webinar, hosted by our dear friends at Gamesforum, touched exactly on these questions, and more:

What makes a good creative?

  • How important is BI in your creative processes?
  • Personalization for your audience
  • Lessons in avoiding ad fatigue (how often should you be refreshing your creatives, warning signs of ad fatigue across formats.
  • In house or outsourced creative design – what are the pros and cons?

Measuring Success

  • How do you define a successful ad creative?
  • How do you measure the success of your creative? (CVR, CTR, CPI)
  • Measuring creative success at launch vs further down a game lifecycle? (looking at types of users and ARPU by creative)

Watch Storemaven’s VP of Consultancy Esther Shatz, The Head of Growth Marketing at Outplay Entertainment Raphaël Labouré, and moderator John Speakman, Gamesforum’s CEO, as they worked their way across these topics in a fascinating webinar.

Check the video here below.

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