That’s the Tea on mobile growth 2021

Thriving after iOS 15.

October 28th | 9 am PST | Online

Conference 2021 - 1
Conference 2021 - 1

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The mobile growth industry is changing quickly, and this was proven yet again just recently. A year after Apple deprecated the IDFA and told the industry that creatives would rule, iOS 15 is about to strike. Its impact will likely be even greater than its predecessor.


If you’re working in mobile growth don’t miss this focused event that’s aimed at getting you up to speed on how the world’s best mobile marketers are growing their apps and games.

The Speakers
(in order of appearance)

Gad Maor CEO and Co-founder, Storemaven
David Flynn Senior Marketing Manager, Netspend
Martin Rusev Product Marketing Manager, Gameloft
Saikala Sultanova Senior Director of UA & Growth, Product Madness
Laura Krivetskaya Senior ASO Manager, Product Madness
Adam Rakib President and Co-founder, Storemaven
Lucy Pozniak Director of Marketing, D3 Go!
Andrew Bell CEO & Founder, Big Run Studios
Itai Keshet Director of App Store Optimization
Alex Noirot-Cosson Head of Marketing – Live Games, Socialpoint
Esther Shatz VP Consultancy, Storemaven

And… That’s the tea!

Mobile Growth The State of the Union
iOS 15 Everything you need to know about CPPs and Funnel planning and testing
iOS 15 Planning, operating and analyzing your app store post iOS 15
Creative Optimization How to create creatives at scale? (panel discussion)
App Store Strategy How to build an App Store strategy in this new reality?
Mobile Growth How to build an App Store marketing team?
CRO How to use context to boost conversion rates?
Storemaven’s insights Introducing Growth Intelligence
Storemaven’s insights Storemaven Awards
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8.50 20 min
Registration & Networking
9.10 30 min
The State of the Union

Gad Maor, Storemaven’s CEO and Co-founder, will kick us off looking at the challenges we’re going to face as an industry in the months to come.

9.50 30 min
Everything you need to know about CPPs, how to plan your new funnels and test them

Join David Flynn from Netspend and Martin Rusev from Gameloft who will look into Apple’s new and exciting feature, that will allow you to totally rethink your UA strategy.

10.30 30 min
Planning, operating and analyzing of your app store performance post iOS 15

Product Madness’s Saikala Sultanova and Laura Krivetskaya will present ways to work, think, and operate in this new reality.

11.10 30 min
How to create creatives at scale?

Going from one product page to thirty something product pages is not a walk in the park. Lucy Pozniak from D3 Go! will share her tips on creatives at (massive) scale.

11.50 30 min
How to build an App Store strategy in this new reality?

In this talk, Big Run Studios CEO and Founder Andrew Bell will try to put your minds at ease when dealing with this new world.

12.30 30 min
How to build an App Store marketing team?

Director of ASO Itai Keshet will discuss how your marketing organization needs to change now that iOS 15 is available.

13.10 30 min
How to use context to boost conversion rates?

Alex Noirot-cosson from SocialPoint will shed some more light into the biggest buzzword of the recent months – contextual marketing.

13.50 30 min
Introducing: Storemaven’s growth intelligence

Storemaven’s Esther Shatz will present the company’s Mobile Growth solution for testing, planning, operating and analyzing many product pages at scale.

14.20 10 min
Storemaven Awards

The best pages, the smartest strategies and the most innovative design. Matan Naim from Storemaven will present our industry awards.

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