A/B test your App Store & Google Play app product pages
with Storemaven and learn how users interact with them

Product Page A/B Testing tells
you why users don’t install after
landing on your product pages

    Sandbox Testing - 1
    Sandbox Testing - 2

    Know how  to improve App Store
    conversion rates

    Run advanced App Product Page A/B testing
    to really understand why users install your app

    Get in-depth behavioral
    analytics to improve CVR

    Uncover the most important question in the App Store. ‘Why’ did a variation win or lose? Use Storemaven’s Product Page A/B testing platform to uncover screenshot view rates, video watch rates, page scroll rates and more, to pinpoint why users install (or don’t)

    Is there a market for your app?
    Assess marketability before launch

    Before pressing GO, create product page A/B tests
    to gauge market demand

    Get an accurate read on your top audiences and what really drives them to install

    With Storemaven App Store product page A/B tests, pinpoint exactly the messaging that drives each audience to install

    See how you can A/B test your product pages and improve CVR

      Wes Yuen, Senior Manager, Growth Marketing Twitch

      Storemaven is a great partner, always enabling us to do better App Store marketing and optimization so we can increase install growth.

      Wes Yuen, Senior Manager, Growth Marketing Twitch

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