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iOS 15 – Product Page Optimization Guide

Apple's new iOS 15 feature, Product Page Optimization, will allow developers to test different icons, screenshots and app preview videos on their product pages. How can you harness this to help your mobile growth strategy? Start here.

Why Custom Product Pages change UA and ASO Forever

Storemaven’s President Adam Rakib unpacks Apple’s new iOS 15 ‘Custom Product Page’ feature to explain how it will change the way your ASO and UA teams work.

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Food and Drink Apps

For our eighth installment in our category spotlight series, we're taking on the 25 top-grossing apps in the Food and Drink category. See what these household names are all about when it comes to App Store domination.

The Complete iOS 15 App Store Optimization (ASO) Guide

Apple’s iOS 15 will reshape the mobile marketing world. This iOS 15 ASO guide is all you need for increasing install rates and creating the right message for the right audience.

How to Prepare Your App Store and ASO for iOS 15 – The Definitive Kit

Are you ready for iOS 15? Probably not yet. But don't be discouraged, read this guide and save our ultimate timeline to help you prepare.

CEO Talks: The Pros and Cons to Consider Before Bootstrapping Your Business

"Everything trickles down to the fact that when running a bootstrapped company, all the promises, decisions and mistakes are on you". Storemaven's CEO Gad Maor shares nine learning from many years of building from the ground up with personal savings.

How to Prepare Your Acquisition Strategy for iOS 15

How do you look at your top funnel traffic? iOS 15 is coming and it requires some major preparation. Storemaven's President Adam Rakib makes sure you won't miss any opportunity. Learn more.

How to Leverage Facebook’s ‘The Big Catch’ Creative System in Mobile Marketing?

As we approach a new dawn whereby targeted creatives with broad campaigns will replace old business models, Facebook’ proposes a new a UA methodology: ‘The Big Catch Creative System’. Storemaven’s VP Marketing dissects FB’s report.

What are In-App Events and How Do They Impact ASO?

With in-app events joining the iOS 15 lineup, Apple provides developers with a whole new marketing tool to leverage. This piece will answer everything you need to know in order to add in-app events into your mobile marketing strategy.
iOS 15 New Features for App Store Optimization | Storemaven

iOS 15’s New Features that Revolutionize App Store Optimization (ASO)

iOS 15’s new features, Product Page Optimization and Custom Product Pages, will revolutionize App Store Optimization (ASO). Learn about how iOS 15 is changing the ASO landscape.

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