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Episode #29: Nurturing Users Through PR Campaigns with David Eberle

This episode of Mobile Growth and Pancakes features Typewise's CEO David Eberle, discussing how PR can be used as a key growth lever to beat out the competition.

How to Slay Your ASA Strategy With Custom Product Pages

One product page to rule all user journeys was a marketing flop. With the arrival of Apple’s Custom Product Pages, you can now fulfill your wildest marketing quests. Our VP Consultancy summarizes how to use them on ASA.

That’s the Tea on Mobile Growth 2021: The Conference Recap

Eight Inspiring sessions with top mobile marketing experts and all the answers you need to cope with one of the pivotal years for the mobile industry in general. We got you covered.
Google's 2022 privacy sandbox and what it mean for mobile marketers?

The GAID is Dying: What Does Google’s 2022 Privacy Sandbox Update Mean For Mobile Marketers?

Google's new Privacy Sandbox updates prove that the powerhouse is just as serious about user privacy as Apple is. How do the changes affect mobile marketers? Read this important piece.

Storemaven Presents a New ASO Platform, Built for iOS 15

In a new, complex mobile growth reality, it’s time to say goodbye confusion, hello clarity. We are proud to introduce the new platform that we built to help you plan, manage, test, analyze, and monitor the true impact of ASO.

The Six Challenges of Product Page Optimization and How to Solve Them

Unclear data, clunky icon testing, and the long wait to reach a conclusive result. Product Page Optimization has the potential to be a great tool for savvy mobile marketers, but it's not there yet.
iOS 15 New Features for App Store Optimization | Storemaven

iOS 15’s New Features that Revolutionize App Store Optimization (ASO)

iOS 15’s new features, Product Page Optimization and Custom Product Pages, will revolutionize App Store Optimization (ASO). Learn about how iOS 15 is changing the ASO landscape.

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Health and Fitness Apps

Our latest App Store Category Spotlight delves into Health and Fitness apps. For your app or mobile game to reach its full potential, discover which ASO strategies to embrace and which ones to avoid.

So, What’s Your Type? Why You Should Always Know Your True App Category

Why won't we say it out loud? The app categories we know are broad, overlapping, and can be easily ignored. That's why we have been creating our own Taxonomy. Storemaven's VP Consultancy explains more.

iOS 15 – Custom Product Pages Guide

What are Apple's Custom Product Pages for iOS 15, how do they impact your ASO/UA strategies, & what actions should you take to prepare? Kickstart your iOS 15 understanding with this guide.

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