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Four Ways COVID-19 Has Changed App Store Optimization

Emphasizing remote work, pushing on brand awareness and highlighting contact-free experiences for customers. Here's how you should tackle App Store Optimization under the new COVID-19 norm.

IDFA Deprecation is Nigh: Here’s an Idea How to Be Ready When it Hits

It seems that Apple has listened to the many voices in the ecosystem, all yelled: “We’re not ready for the IDFA deprecation”. So how can you prepare better during this grace period?

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Strategy Games

The second piece in our series of ASO categories analyses look at trends in what is unarguably one of the most profitable categories out there: Mobile strategy games

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Finance Apps

Our new analysis series will uncover trends in different app stores categories and verticals. Starting off with one of the most innovative industries: Finance

The Ultimate Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) Round-up

IDFA deprecation is becoming a reality. From iOS 14 on, attribution models will need to change as restrictions on third party data-sharing increase. Here’s our roundup.

iOS 14 Update and What it Means for ASO and Mobile Growth (Plus Video)

Apple's online WWDC was all about the new privacy guidelines and now the entire industry is rethinking its mobile marketing strategy. Storemaven's Marketing Director has more.

The new Google Play Console Beta (2020) and what it means for ASO

The Google Play Console is now sharing more data with developers that’ll help ASO, UA, and Growth teams get more visibility into their performance. Let's analyze this move.

Google Play is a Step Closer Towards Disrupting the Mobile Marketing Industry

It seems like Google is closing in on what many would call the “holy grail” of mobile marketing: A unique app store page with customized creatives and messaging.

The Storemaven Story: An Interview with Our CEO and Co-founder

Recently, Gad Maor, Storemaven’s CEO, interviewed with Website Planet and talked about his story, how Storemaven came to be, and his thoughts around the future of ASO.

Localization is the Key to Global Domination

A robust testing roadmap allows you to apply the same process to new markets. A process that enables pointed research to solidify market understanding. This is VSCO’s story.