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iOS 15 – Product Page Optimization Guide

Apple's new iOS 15 feature, Product Page Optimization, will allow developers to test different icons, screenshots and app preview videos on their product pages. How can you harness this to help your mobile growth strategy? Start here.

That’s the Tea 2021: How Can Contextual Marketing Boost Paid Install Growth?

Contextual marketing is much more than a nice buzzword. Watch this session from our 2021 conference to understand the tectonic shift in UA towards privacy-first advertising, SKAdNetwork as an alternative, and more.
Game Developers - When (and Why) You Should Consider Switching App Store Categories to Maximize Growth?

Game Developers – When (and Why) You Should Switch App Store Categories to Maximize Growth?

Choosing the right category for your mobile game has a ton of impact. But you might get more downloads from being ranked #8 in Casual, than being ranked #3 on RPG. This piece will help you pave the way for your desired audience.

Why Custom Product Pages change UA and ASO Forever

Storemaven’s President Adam Rakib unpacks Apple’s new iOS 15 ‘Custom Product Page’ feature to explain how it will change the way your ASO and UA teams work.
audience growth stack

The Audience Growth Stack & Mobile App Growth in 2022

Learn how to grow your apps and games audiences accretively with the audience mobile growth stack for 2022.

The New Acronym for All Game Developers: What You Should Know About RTPs?

When your game receives quality users from an unconnected app, don’t just shrug your shoulders. Understand how they got to your game and capitalize on their reasoning for choosing it. Our VP of Product Marketing has more.

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Food and Drink Apps

For our eighth installment in our category spotlight series, we're taking on the 25 top-grossing apps in the Food and Drink category. See what these household names are all about when it comes to App Store domination.

iOS 15’s Custom Product Pages (CPP) & Product Page Optimization (PPO) Officially Launched. What Should You Do Now?

In December 2021, Apple launched new iOS 15 features, Custom Product Pages (CPP) & Product Page Optimization (PPO). Learn how to utilize CPP & PPO for your app.
google play new capabilities: 2022 update

New Google Play Developer Console Marketing Capabilities: 2022 Update

Google just introduced game-changing capabilities for mobile marketers, UA and ASO folks that rival those introduced by Apple back in 2021. Storemaven’s VP Marketing gives you a guided tour around the new offerings and what they mean for your mobile growth.

The Complete iOS 15 App Store Optimization (ASO) Guide

Apple’s iOS 15 will reshape the mobile marketing world. This iOS 15 ASO guide is all you need for increasing install rates and creating the right message for the right audience.

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