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ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Match-3 Games

We continue our analysis series with one of the most addictive categories out there trying to come up with the right answers: What all these thriving apps are doing right.

CEO talks: How To Take A Respectful, Yet Uncompromising, Approach To Firing

"From the first day I knew that a defining feature would be how we treated people, from their arrival through their departure". Our CEO Gad Maor on how you should look for people when it's time to part.

The Year After the Plague: How the Mobile Growth Landscape Will Look in 2021

It's that time of the year again. We picked the brains of Storemaven's mobile growth experts and some honorable guests to see what they think 2021 will bring along.

Three Insights About Organic Mobile Installs and Their Connection to Paid Installs

It doesn’t matter if you’re working for a mobile game or an app; there is one common thread that flows through most successful apps and mobile games: They connect between paid and organic installs. Here are three tips we dug from our data.

CEO talks: How A Company Built On Resilience Can Stand In The Face Of A Global Pandemic

"The feeling I keep coming back to during this time is pride". Our CEO and Co-founder Gad Maor on how a company can cope with harder times and still emerge triumphantly.

Mobile Marketing and Growth Loops: A Conclusive Guide

It's one of the most important changes in the past years and something that can reconstruct your marketing strategy from top to bottom. Storemaven's Director of Marketing explains.

There’s One Inspiring Success Story Among Us: Reverse-Engineering the Tale of the Mobile Game That Amazed the World

Four-people team, two years under the radar, and no marketing strategy. What InnerSloth did with Among Us, the cross-platform mobile game that took over the world, is a remarkable tale of growth. Our Director of Marketing analyzes.

That’s the Tea on Mobile Growth: The Mobile Marketing Conference 2020 Recap

Our first virtual conference was a big hit, with over 950 experienced colleagues sharing the latest trends in the mobile growth realm. Missed anything? Take our tour here.

iOS 14 is Leveling the Playing Field for UA and Giving Creatives A Competitive Edge

When the IDFA deprecation kicks in, you're going to lose the ability to run highly targeted ads. Here's how you can minimize the disturbance: double down on creatives.

Four Ways COVID-19 Has Changed App Store Optimization

Emphasizing remote work, pushing brand awareness and highlighting contact-free customer experiences. Here's how you should tackle App Store Optimization under the COVID-19 norm.