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How to Prepare Your Acquisition Strategy for iOS 15

How do you look at your top funnel traffic? iOS 15 is coming and it requires some major preparation. Storemaven's President Adam Rakib makes sure you won't miss any opportunity. Learn more.

How Contextual Mobile Ads Boost iOS 15 App Store Installs

There's a new buzzword in the industry: Contextual marketing. In this piece, a collaboration between Storemaven and YellowHEAD, we'll discuss context in Custom Product Pages, ad creatives and strategy.

How to Leverage Facebook’s ‘The Big Catch’ Creative System in Mobile Marketing?

As we approach a new dawn whereby targeted creatives with broad campaigns will replace old business models, Facebook’ proposes a new a UA methodology: ‘The Big Catch Creative System’. Storemaven’s VP Marketing dissects FB’s report.

How to Create, Run and Apply a Test With Product Page Optimization (PPO)

Product Page Optimization, one of Apple's newest iOS 15 features, enables mobile marketers to natively a/b test their product pages. Here's how to start.

What Are In-App Events and How Do They Impact ASO?

With in-app events joining the iOS 15 lineup, Apple provides developers with a new marketing tool. Learn how to add in-app events to your mobile marketing strategy.

5 Questions for Paid UA, ASO, and Organic Mobile Marketing Teams to Answer in 2022

From measurement and targeting challenges to implementing Apple’s Custom Product Pages into your mobile growth strategy, check the 5 pressing issues you must master in 2022.

What’s the Update: iOS 15’s New ASO Features Launch Timeline

Apple is known for its ambiguous OS releases. More often than not, they just create a sense of frustration with developers and users. Storemaven’s VP of Marketing looks into what clearly was a last-minute decision in Cupertino.

The 2022 iOS 15 Custom Product Pages (CPPs) ASO & UA Playbook

Calling Custom Product Pages a revolutionary capability is no exaggeration. This comprehensive playbook will help you maximize CPP potential in 5 easy steps. Your App Store conversion rates will thank you.

Mobile Marketing & Advertising Trends in 2022

With iOS 15, mobile marketing is on the cusp of MAJOR change. We took a look at mobile marketing trends in 2022 & deep dive into how marketers should be operating.

Why Apple Search Ads Supporting Custom Product Pages is a Game Changer

Apple Search Ads now supporting Custom Product Pages provides mobile marketers with huge opportunities for mobile growth. Storemaven’s VP Marketing has more.

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