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The Ultimate Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) Round-up

IDFA deprecation is becoming a reality. From iOS 14 on, attribution models will need to change as restrictions on third party data-sharing increase. Here’s our roundup.

iOS 14 Update and What it Means for ASO and Mobile Growth (Plus Video)

Apple's online WWDC was all about the new privacy guidelines and now the entire industry is rethinking its mobile marketing strategy. Storemaven's Marketing Director has more.

Watch our Webinar: How to get UA and ASO Teams to Work Together

Come and watch our webinar with Gameloft on how to maximize paid and organic install growth and geting UA and ASO teams to work together.

The new Google Play Console Beta (2020) and what it means for ASO

The Google Play Console is now sharing more data with developers that’ll help ASO, UA, and Growth teams get more visibility into their performance. Let's analyze this move.

Google Play is a Step Closer Towards Disrupting the Mobile Marketing Industry

It seems like Google is closing in on what many would call the “holy grail” of mobile marketing: A unique app store page with customized creatives and messaging.

The Storemaven Story: An Interview with Our CEO and Co-founder

Recently, Gad Maor, Storemaven’s CEO, interviewed with Website Planet and talked about his story, how Storemaven came to be, and his thoughts around the future of ASO.

Watch Our Webinar: App Store Localization in VSCO’s Style

Watch our expert ASO panel which shows how VSCO achieved a 30% increase in conversion rate and made testing an integral part of its mobile marketing strategy.

Discussing the Next Generation of ASO

StoreMaven's President, Adam Rakib, sat down with Jam City's SVP Publishing, Vanessa Rouhani, to share their insights at MGS2020 and address all your burning questions

Watch Our Webinar: Organic UA for Mobile – The Strategies Needed to Succeed

StoreMaven’s President and Co-Founder, Adam Rakib, share his thoughts on organic UA strategy and the right framework to do it in a successful manner.

ASO Teardown: How News Break Got X10 More Installs Then the Norm

In this series, we’ll dissect the strategies implemented by major apps on their way to success. Kicking it off with News Break and how they adjust to the COVID-19 crisis