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google play new capabilities: 2022 update

The Apple and Google Updates You Can’t Miss: Mobile Growth Food for Thought (#75)

In this newsletter, we are covering the two quite major announcements that came out of Cupertino and Mountain View, and see what it means for mobile growth practitioners.

Mobile Audience Growth Stack & 2022 App Marketing Trends: Mobile Growth Food For Thought (#60)

In this newsletter, we're showcasing our new Mobile Audience Growth Stack for 2022, and you can also enjoy a well-thought webinar that will get your ready for the new mobile year.

2022 Planning and Contextual Marketing Basics: Mobile Growth Food For Thought (#59)

Leveraging contextual marketing, creating world-class creatives and building holistic funnels using the new App Store capabilities. Mobile Growth Food for Thought Newsletter no 59 was a bit more strategic than others...

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A Recipe for Hypercasual Hits and What Will Happen to CPMs After iOS 14.5

This week we focused on the realm of the hypercasual game, with a webinar and an article to help your game reach success. Our ASO Food for Thought from March 4, 2021.

Are Apple building their own ad network?

It's hard to keep up with Apple's new privacy guidelines but we are doing our best. Our ASO Food for Thought from February 18, 2021.

Wallstreetbets Effect on the App Stores Charts

Looking at SKAdNetwork's latest update, learning how to build hypotheses and some bonus tips for your ASO craftmanship. Our ASO Food for Thought from Feb 4, 2021.

What Should the ASO Industry Look For in 2021?

According to all estimates, now is the time to fire on all cylinders and capture as much growth as you can. Our ASO Food for thought from January 6, 2021.

What Billions of Data Points Taught Us about Paid and Organic Installs?

We sat down with our analytics team to come up with straightforward insights you can implement right away: Our ASO Food for Thought from Dec 10, 2020.

New iOS App Store page requirements: Privacy labels, and under the hood of Among Us

Growth loops, nutrition labels, ad creatives and the future of mobile platforms. Our ASO Food for Thought from Nov 12, 2020.

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