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5 Best Practices for Mastering Keyword Localization

Your app is a hit in the US—people can't get enough of it! Installs have reached astronomical numbers. But you're not done yet - Keep reading to learn what keyword localization is and how to get it right.

Keyword Optimization: How to Improve Your App’s Discoverability

Without the right keywords, it will be nearly impossible for users to find your app. This robust keyword optimization strategy brought here will pave the way towards ASO prowess.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your App Featured on the App Store

This guide will teach you all you need to know about how the App Store approaches featuring, the potential value of being featured, and what it depends on.

How to Best Implement Keywords into Your App’s Product Page

This is a guest post from Oliver Hoss, Mobile Marketing Manager at and author of the book “App Store Optimization – A Step-by-Step Guide to Boosting Your App’s Organic Downloads”.

Increase Your Downloads: How to Attract In-App Traffic in Hypercasual Games

Guest post by Natalie Stepanova, Head of Marketing & PR at Apptica, a mobile advertising intelligence and app analytics tool.

Q&A: How to Guarantee Successful Mobile App UA and Product Launch Campaigns

When building user acquisition (UA) and product launch campaigns for mobile games and apps, there are numerous processes, such App Store Optimization (ASO), that developers need to incorporate into their strategy in order to be successful.

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