The best install funnel analysis
platform that surfaces
performance leaks

Don’t be caught off guard.
Monitor all install funnels,
all the time

    Analyze - 1
    Analyze - 2

    No more CODE RED!

    Know the performance of each and every
    install funnel, always. Be the person your
    CEO can counts on.

    Monitor all organic and paid
    install funnels like a boss

    Have a finger on the pulse of your ASO
    and install funnels by accessing all
    your data, beautifully presented
    in one place

    Detect performance
    drops and act quickly

    Stop being reactive and dealing with
    broken funnels months after the fact.
    Let near real-time alerts warn you
    of performance changes

    Measure and report the
    true value of your
    Product Page
    performance efforts

    Answer: “What’s the impact of ASO”? by analyzing your keyword and creative changes over time, and measuring their impact on organic and paid

    See how you can monitor, analyze & report on your App Store performance

      Saikala Sultanova, Senior Director of UA & Growth Product Madness

      Storemaven’s platform allows us to understand the impact of our ASO efforts so we always know where we should focus our efforts to increase our mobile growth KPIs.

      Saikala Sultanova, Senior Director of UA & Growth Product Madness

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