Make sure your launch
goes off with a bang

    Prelaunch Testing - 1
    Prelaunch Testing - 2

    Get inside the heads
    of your early adopters

    Understanding what drives those first users to download is crucial to a successful launch as they’re the ones who’ll build your momentum from day one. Gain in-depth data on the specific marketing messages needed to seed a following.

    Your CPA
    will thank you

    Before you scale your UA budgets, make sure you’re not funneling money into an unoptimized user journey. By improving your app store page messaging, you’ll increase your conversions from paid ads, lowering your cost per acquisition in the process.

    Let your audience
    lead the way

    Prelaunch testing allows you to make the tweaks necessary to perfectly tailor your marketing strategy for maximum growth in each of your target geos. Listen to your users while you strategize for success.

    With a data-backed app store launch strategy, you’ll be set for success in your global rollout.

      Meet the teams that gave their apps a running start

      Maria Waters, Head of Conversion Optimization,  Zynga

      We have increased app install conversions by more than 66% after testing content for our app stores with StoreMaven.

      Maria Waters, Head of Conversion Optimization, Zynga