Five ASO Techniques that every mobile marketer should knowa

Five ASO Techniques Every Mobile Game Developer Should Know

As a game developer, you can’t just wait to see what happens in the app stores, it’s simply too risky plus the value you could be reaping is too great to ignore. Plan your ASO strategy from the outset, Plan your ASO strategy from the outset, here’s a helpful jumping-off point. Continue Reading

Where to start ASO App Store Testing.

ASO App Store Testing 101: Where to Start

It’s all good and well knowing you should be testing but where do you start? There are what feels like a hundred individual elements, thousands of options and countless permutations and combinations to try. Well it helps to start from the most impactful. Continue Reading

iOS 13.

How iOS 13 Will Affect App Store Optimization (ASO)

Yesterday, the world was watching as Tim Cook opened Apple’s annual ‘Special Event’. With bated breath, we waited to see what would be announced, which predictions were correct, and ultimately, how any of this might effect our day-to-day life.  The event started by harking back to Apple’s core philosophy, “Give people wonderful tools and they’ll do wonderful things.” Hmm, I wonder if this article would count (seeing as though it’s written on a Mac). Let’s start with a quick recap of the major announcements affecting ASO.Continue Reading

A Closer Look Video

A closer look at ‘A Closer Look’

Knowing which users see which assets and where is the key to leveraging individual assets on your product page. We take a deep look into the Closer Look video and share actionable insights you can use to improve conversion rates in the App Store.Continue Reading

Drop the Optimization, keep the App Store.

Drop the Optimization. Keep the App Store.

ASO is no longer merely about optimizing your creative store assets or keywords. In fact, it’s no longer about optimization at all. It’s about using data to inform better decision making on the most strategic, high-level moves we make. We’re not optimizing for inches, we’re striding in miles. Continue Reading

An image showing data and people.

Audience Testing: The Smart Way to ASO

There’s ASO testing, and then there’s ASO testing with audience segmentation. There’s no point in doing the former if you don’t do the latter. Otherwise, you’re leaving vital insights on the table. Continue Reading

5 Key Components of a Winning App Store Optimization ASO Strategy

5 Components of a Winning ASO Strategy

Despite its growth, App Store Optimization (ASO) is still in its infancy and few models exist for how to develop a long-term, successful ASO strategy. Based on our work with top developers, we identified 5 key components of a winning ASO strategy.Continue Reading