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The complete guide to App Store User Behavior

Learn everything you need to know about how users behave in the App Store and what are the areas of the page you should focus on to maximize installs.

The ASO Landscape

iOS 14 is Leveling the Playing Field for UA and Giving Creatives A Competitive Edge

When the IDFA deprecation kicks in, you're going to lose the ability to run highly targeted ads. Here's how you can minimize the disturbance: double down on creatives.

Four Ways COVID-19 Has Changed App Store Optimization

Emphasizing remote work, pushing brand awareness and highlighting contact-free customer experiences. Here's how you should tackle App Store Optimization under the COVID-19 norm.

IDFA Deprecation is Nigh: Here’s an Idea How to Be Ready When it Hits

It seems that Apple has listened to the many voices in the ecosystem, all yelled: “We’re not ready for the IDFA deprecation”. So how can you prepare better during this grace...

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Strategy Games

The second piece in our series of ASO categories analyses look at trends in what is unarguably one of the most profitable categories out there: Mobile strategy games

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Finance Apps

Our new analysis series will uncover trends in different app stores categories and verticals. Starting off with one of the most innovative industries: Finance

The Ultimate Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) Round-up

IDFA deprecation is becoming a reality. From iOS 14 on, attribution models will need to change as restrictions on third party data-sharing increase. Here’s our roundup.

iOS 14 Update and What it Means for ASO and Mobile Growth (Plus Video)

Apple's online WWDC was all about the new privacy guidelines and now the entire industry is rethinking its mobile marketing strategy. Storemaven's Marketing Director has more.

The new Google Play Console Beta (2020) and what it means for ASO

The Google Play Console is now sharing more data with developers that’ll help ASO, UA, and Growth teams get more visibility into their performance. Let's analyze this move.

Google Play is a Step Closer Towards Disrupting the Mobile Marketing Industry

It seems like Google is closing in on what many would call the “holy grail” of mobile marketing: A unique app store page with customized creatives and messaging.

The Storemaven Story: An Interview with Our CEO and Co-founder

Recently, Gad Maor, Storemaven’s CEO, interviewed with Website Planet and talked about his story, how Storemaven came to be, and his thoughts around the future of ASO.

Localization is the Key to Global Domination

A robust testing roadmap allows you to apply the same process to new markets. A process that enables pointed research to solidify market understanding. This is VSCO’s story.

Discussing the Next Generation of ASO

Storemaven's President, Adam Rakib, sat down with Jam City's SVP Publishing, Vanessa Rouhani, to share their insights at MGS2020 and address all your burning questions

ASO Teardown: How News Break Got X10 More Installs Then the Norm

In this series, we’ll dissect the strategies implemented by major apps on their way to success. Kicking it off with News Break and how they adjust to the COVID-19 crisis

Uber, Oath, and Zynga Discuss Their Success in ASO Using StoreMaven

App giants Uber, Oath and Zynga reveal their App Store Optimization strategies and how they use Storemaven expertise to achieve success

Adjust & Learn: Mobile Game Marketing in Times of Crisis

Uncertainty and opportunity often go hand in hand, here’s how mobile game growth teams can discover the opportunities lurking in the app stores in 3 easy steps.

4 Google I/O 2018 Updates App Developers Should Know About

According to Google, over 94 billion apps were installed from Google Play last year. It’s easy to see how essential it is that developers cut through the clutter.

ASO Devotees Can Still Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

Google is constantly changing the look and feel of its paid search ads, which is quite a headache for businesses. Our Director of Marketing explains this last move.

Seeing in 20/20: The Mobile Growth Landscape in 2020

We decided to pick the brains of the best ASO people we know to see what they have to say about the coming new year.

Why do mobile gaming companies use fake ads? One more point

A few days ago, Mobile Dev Memo’s Eric Seufert published an article titled “Why do mobile gaming companies use fake ads". We're breaking down why these ads are working.

Drop the Optimization. Keep the App Store

From the very beginning, the industry has gotten app store optimization wrong. And it’s time we fixed it. ASO is no longer merely about optimizing your creative store assets.

Talking the Walk: Jam City’s ASO Manager Ben Chernick Talks Growth, Goals & Wins

We’re constantly driven to find out more about the needs of our customers and how we can best learn from those already succeeding in the ASO space.

Google Play Redesign in Review: A.K.A. The Power of the First Impression in ASO Strategy

Last year there were plenty of mutterings about how and what the effect of the Google Play redesign would be. Well, it’s been 248 days since...

Apple’s WWDC 19: The Most Important Announcements for ASO

After the massive changes that iOS 11 and 12 implied for ASO, the ASO community was closely watching as Apple released iOS 13 at WWDC 2019, which is coming later this year.

It’s Time ASO and UA Work Together (Because They Already Do)

Many people consider user acquisition (UA) and app store optimization (ASO) as two separate strategies, disciplines, and teams. What if we told you this is incorrect?

The Top Google I/O ‘19 Takeaways & What They Mean for Mobile Growth

A couple of weeks ago, Google held its annual developer conference, Google I/O, where it announces important developments. Let us break down the most important ones.

Top 3 Takeaways from MAU 2019

As we wrap up StoreMaven’s 4th time attending the Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) conference, I wanted to reflect on the current state of mobile growth and the industry as a whole.

iOS 11.1.1 Update and App Store Optimization (ASO)

Last week, Apple released iOS 11.1.1, the sixth official update to the iOS 11 operating system. Storemaven is listing the crucial implications.

ASO Landscape and 2018 Predictions

Without a doubt, 2017 was quite the year for App Store Optimization (ASO). We believe 2018 will even be a better one.

How FaceApp Crushed the App Store in 81 Countries in Only Six Days

Two weeks ago, if you asked people around the table if they knew what FaceApp was, they’d have thought you’d mispronounced FaceTime.

iOS 12 and the New Era of App Store Personalization

iOS 12 App Store updates center around creating a more personalized user experience. Find out what this means for app publishers.

ASO Food for Thought Newsletter Archive

Q3 App Stores Installs and Revenues Figures and Doubling Down on Creatives

As the world keeps on dealing with COVID-19, the growth of the mobile app market seems uninterrupted. Our ASO Food for Thought from October 8, 2020.

iOS 14 Adoption Rate, ASO Changes, and Nadir Garouche on Mobile Growth

According to Mixpanel, almost a third of all users have already adopted the iOS 14 operating system. Our ASO Food for Thought from September 24, 2020.

Our new podcast, Apple’s taking a step back and how users behave on Google Play

The first episode features Lomit Patel, VP Growth at IMVU, who shares how leveraging AI in user acquisition can maximize growth. Our ASO Food for Thought from September 10, 2020.

Epic Fight, Google Play New Feature and Adjacent User Growth

Yes, here I am again detailing the latest in the saga of the developers who are challenging the App Store & Google Play rules. Our ASO Food for Thought from August 18, 2020

Why Save the Girl broke the app stores?

In the past few months there has been a fascinating case in the app stores. Our ASO Food for Thought from July 30, 2020

Apple’s Rebuilding the App Economy & Google Play New Features

For some industries, 2020 will prove beneficial but will be detrimental to many others. Our ASO Food for Thought from July 16, 2020

iOS: Take 14. Attribution, Appeals & ASO

The future is about privacy. The connecting lines piecing together your usage history across user IDs and devices are being severed. Our ASO Food for Thought from July 7, 2020.

The New Google Play Console & Storemaven’s New Look

One interesting development lies with the ability to see conversion rates per keyword for Google Search. Our ASO Food for Thought from June 19, 2020.

Emerging After Corona: Are We There Yet?

Most of these apps grew sharply, peaking in mid-March. But news fatigue happened. And general fatigue too. Our ASO Food for Thought from May 28, 2020

Lockdown ≠ Letdown & Apple Focuses on ASA

It starts with understanding how users engage with your store. Then you can decide how to affect that engagement. ASO Food for Thought from May 15, 2020.

When the Power of Localization Comes In

Culturalization can be the winning ticket to app store success. And it’s how you apply that process that matters. Our ASO Food for Thought from May 1, 2020.

Finding Mobile Growth Leaks and Organic UA

We can’t just sit and wait it out. We need to be proactive and that means always having your finger on the pulse. Our ASO Food for Thought from April 21, 2020.

When Corona Makes it to the App Stores

Tastes change surprisingly quickly when humans are forced into a new lifestyle overnight. Our ASO Food for Thought from April 2, 2020.

Stay Ahead of the (Flattening) ASO Curve

As things change, the less they stay the same. I mean, toilet paper is suddenly the most highly prized commodity. Our ASO Food for Thought from Mar 19, 2020.

ASO Iterations, Improvements, Adaptations, and the Progress

Whilst the virus seems to be spreading at least we’ve learned that it’s never too late to relearn the art of hygiene. Our ASO Food for Thought from Mar 5, 2020.

Privacy Problems Persist & YouTube TV Hits Hard

Some people still think that there’s not much difference between iPhone users and those of the Android variety. Our ASO Food for Thought from Feb 20, 2020.

The State of Play & Get in the Game

So how do we know a good idea when it comes to us mid-shower song? We don’t. We need to check. Our ASO Food for Thought from Jan 23, 2020.

App Store Optimization Ain’t kicking the Bucket

The death of SEO does not foretell the death of ASO. We no longer think ASO is simply SEO for the app stores. ASO Food for Thought from Feb 6, 2020.

Apple Brings Home the Bacon & Gamers Go Far and Wide

It’s the new year and that means it’s time to start sinking back into the serious business of whatever it is you do. Our ASO Food for Thought from Jan 9, 2020.

ASO Webinars

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Watch our webinar with experts from Adjust, yellowHEAD, Playtika, and Storemaven, discussing iOS 14 and the deprecation of the IDFA: How the world of mobile UA will adapt

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Come and watch our webinar with Gameloft on how to maximize paid and organic install growth and geting UA and ASO teams to work together.

Watch our Webinar: How to Increase App Store Conversion through Creative Optimization

Do you have a creative optimization strategy for your mobile app or game? Is it measurable, practical, and effective? Watch our expert ASO panel touching on this and much more

Watch Our Webinar: App Store Localization in VSCO’s Style

Watch our expert ASO panel which shows how VSCO achieved a 30% increase in conversion rate and made testing an integral part of its mobile marketing strategy.

Watch Our Webinar: Organic UA for Mobile – The Strategies Needed to Succeed

StoreMaven’s President and Co-Founder, Adam Rakib, share his thoughts on organic UA strategy and the right framework to do it in a successful manner.

Watch Our Webinar: The Creative Optimization Masterclass

Watch our very own Amy Hilman, App Store Marketing Team Lead, and Danny Spyra, Yahoo Finance’s Director of Product Marketing, bringing prowess to creative optimization efforts

Watch Our Webinar: How to Prepare Your Mobile Game Prelaunch

Watch our expert App Store Optimization panel that will help you leave behind all the uncertainties when coming to launch a mobile game.