iOS 11 App Store Updates and Its Impact on App Discovery

If you have been following Apple over the past two years—or at least since Phil Schiller was charged with overseeing the App Store—then you have probably noticed a new tone when it comes to the way in which Apple describes the importance of their Services business and their Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).  On a call with investors earlier this year, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “Services are becoming a larger part of our business and we expect the revenues to be the size of a Fortune 100 company this year.

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Why Super Mario Run’s 2.5 Star App Review Is Not Game Over

Super Mario Run’s launch on December 15th is perhaps the biggest mobile release since the invention of the App Store. Announced during Apple’s iPhone 7 keynote, Nintendo finally decided to bring one of the most lovable brands of all time to mobile. Despite the major splash it made topping the Top Free and Top Grossing charts during its first day out, an outstanding portion of reviews (57% according to Sensor Tower) gave the game just 1 star. This ties for the poorest rated game within the top 100 grossing games in the App Store. This is not going unnoticed among investors, and Nintendo’s stock price dipped significantly (13% at publication of this article). As a case study for mega game companies and brands, it’s important to learn why the app reviews  are so low. Perhaps if investors and developers understood the implications of poor reviews on the economy of a game like Mario, they would be more optimistic about its chances to succeed.  

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The Featured App Store Page: Getting it and Getting it Right

In our last post we covered all there is to know about how to get featured on Apple’s Featured Tab (and how to maximize this opportunity), but that is not the only way Apple can feature your app. Being in the featured section is great, but having a featured app page on top of that is even better. Featured app pages are Apple’s way of giving your store page a unique feel that’s customized towards your brand. Featured pages have proven to significantly increase CVR as it’s a strong acknowledgment by Apple’s editors that your app is download-worthy. You can read all about how being featured affects app downloads in App Annie’s recent report.

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How To Get Featured in Apple’s App Store (and how to maximize being featured)

Why Apple features apps to begin with

There’s a powerful dynamic between developers and Apple’s App Store – the App Store business makes Apple billions of dollars annually, but would account to zero without developers building great products on top of the iOS platform. Not to mention, that an iPhone by itself is worth far less without applications to highlight the capabilities of its hardware and operating system.

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First steps in App Store Optimization – Tips from StoreMaven’s Data Analysts

The most common question I get from our new customers is “Where do I start AB testing App Store pages with StoreMaven and how does that fit into our App Store Optimization flow?

App store optimization is a world of endless options & variables to analyze and discover on your way to the best app page. A successful ASO strategy is not simply a matter of testing a bunch of creatives to find the variation with the highest install rates – you have to consider the quality of installing users.  More than just a raw number of users downloading your app, you want to make sure you’re pulling in users who will actually lift your KPIs.

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5 App Store Marketing Tips

5 App Store Marketing Lessons You Should Learn From Top Developers

I have the wonderful opportunity of speaking with developers of all types and sizes; from giant corporations to indie app developers, from utility apps to games and fashion.

The one thing they all have in common is that they want to get more downloads and grow their business. The second thing they have in common, is that all of their users are required to download their apps from the App Store or Google Play.
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Conversion Optimization Algorithm

Save money in every test with StoreIQ

As the cost of mobile app installs surge, the importance of having the best performing creatives increases, which in turn drives your testing budgets up. Our goal is to make testing accurate, quick, and more affordable. StoreIQ – our proprietary machine learning testing algorithm – is designed exactly for these purposes.

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5 Tricks

5 Practical Tricks to A Perfect iTunes App Store Page

No matter how you drive users to your app, every single one of them has to pass through your App Store page in order to download your app…so 100% of your users are impacted by your design decisions.  That’s a preeeety big deal.

Don’t waste time between releases crossing your fingers and praying you made the right choices – use our handy cheat sheet to start off on the right foot:
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4 Tricks for a better App Preview

App Previews are a powerful tool – giving your users an actual visual tour of your app can not only encourage users to download, but can actually bring higher quality users into the funnel. Video-watchers have the best understanding of what your app actually does, and therefore are more likely to be heavy users and less likely to uninstall.
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