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    Choosing the Right App Category (And How it Relates to ASO)

    Your app category can make a world of difference when it comes to properly promoting your solution or game in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Use this article as your starting point

    How Often Should You Update Your App?

    What are the key reasons for updating an app, what is the ideal cadence of updates, and what methods you should use to promote an update? We're answering every question.

    App Size and Your App Store Optimization Strategy

    Would you be surprised to hear that lack of storage space is one of the top reasons why people delete apps? Here's a quick guide on how to get this right.

    App Store Optimization and Seasonality: A Complete Guide

    The app stores experience a change in user behavior based on seasons. Leveraging seasonality in your ASO strategy is a powerful tactic to improve discoverability and CVR.

    How to Use App Localization and Culturalization to Boost Conversion Rates

    When the platforms today support a vast global reach, your goal as an app developer should be to take advantage of this exposure. Learn the basics and much more in this article

    How to Create and Test Prelaunch with ASO (App Store Optimization) in Mind

    Marketers who optimized before the launch converted 90% better than those who launched with an unoptimized version. Learn how to master prelaunch testing.

    How Reviews and Ratings Affect App Store Optimization (ASO)

    Unlike other facets of ASO, ratings and reviews are the only areas where the market opinion of your app directly shapes the visual appearance of your page: Here's a comprehensive guide

    Complete Guide for Getting Your App Icons Right

    Learn how to use the App Icon as part of your store optimization (ASO) strategy.

    How to Design a Panoramic Screenshot Gallery on Apple App Store

    Learn how to design panoramic screenshots on the Apple App Store that encourage visitors to scroll your App Preview Gallery

    How to Design a Panoramic Screenshot Gallery on the Google Play Store

    Learn how to design Panoramic Screenshots for the Google Play Store that will encourage visitors exploration and Gallery engagement

    Complete Guide to Product Page Creative Requirements

    Keep track of creative asset restrictions for your App Store Product Page across platforms. Up-to-date creative asset guide lists for Google Play and Apple App Store requirements.

    Apple App Store Gallery: Landscape vs Portrait (Which is Best for Your CVR?)

    The Gallery is clearly the core marketing asset of an app’s Product Page on iOS. It occupies the most dominant real estate on the page and therefore plays a crucial role in convincing Visitors to install your app.

    App Store Screenshots ASO Strategy

    This guide will cover everything you need to know about app screenshots, including why they're important, how to use them effectively in both platforms and how to optimize your screenshots to increase CVR

    How to Design the Perfect App Store Product Page

    Content is everything. Each element on your App Store Product Page has a crucial role in driving installs to your mobile app.

    Google Experiments ASO Teardown: Couchsurfing Travel App

    With Google Play Experiments, it’s possible to A/B test your app store creative assets in order to identify the most effective graphics and localized text for your Google Play store listing.

    The Difference Between the App Store and Google Play Store

    Users come to Google Play and Apple’s App Store for the same purpose – to Install an app. But in order to get them to do so you have to know how they are different from one another

    A Closer Look at ‘A Closer Look’

    A lot of new developments were made with the implementation of iOS 11 that have lasted through the subsequent iterations, chief amongst them a resurgence of video with the advent of autoplay.

    5 Tips for a Better Performing App Preview Video on iOS

    App Preview Videos became powerful tools for enhanced app discovery and conversion optimization.