Watch Our Webinar: App Store Localization in VSCO’s Style

Watch our expert ASO panel which shows how VSCO achieved a 30% increase in conversion rate and made testing an integral part of its mobile marketing strategy.

Congratulations, your app is officially live and is seeing some of that much-hoped-for success. It’s helpful, desirable, engaging, and doing all the things it should. 

But how do you maintain that standard? And how do you repeat that success in everywhere?

With more downloads, comes more responsibility — to your users and to your market. You need to make sure you understand each market’s unique audience makeup and cater to their specific needs as users in different locations from different cultures. 

That was the main hurdle that VSCO, the leading photography app, needed to overcome. And overcome it they did; through research and hard work, a solid strategy, and a true partnership between teams. VSCO was able to see tremendous improvements to conversion rates across tested geos all while embracing a robust testing methodology that is the gold standard for all new campaigns VSCO runs. 

Our next expert ASO panel touched on exactly that: how VSCO achieved a 30% increase in conversion rate and made testing an integral part of its mobile marketing strategy. 

Join Alice Thieu, a growth marketing specialist, who led the process for VSCO at the time, and Matan Naim, StoreMaven’s App Store Marketing Specialist.

Together they will touch on:

  • The process behind developing hypotheses for each market to accurately find the most effective messaging and creative assets for them
  • How to identify and embrace local trends in your creative asset design
  • The logistics of running local app store tests in different geos
  • What approach should be taken when conducting analyses and how to best extract useful user behavior insights from it. 

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    They’ll also be sharing the real numbers and stories from the VSCO journey to app localization success. No hyperbole allowed. 

    To download our deck, press here.

    You can watch the full webinar below:

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