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Four Ways COVID-19 Has Changed App Store Optimization

Emphasizing remote work, pushing on brand awareness and highlighting contact-free experiences for customers. Here's how you should tackle App Store Optimization under the new COVID-19 norm.

iOS 14 adoption rate, ASO changes, and Nadir Garouche on mobile growth

According to Mixpanel, almost a third of all users have already adopted the iOS 14 operating system. Our ASO Food for Thought from September 24, 2020.

IDFA Deprecation is Nigh: Here’s an Idea How to Be Ready When it Hits

It seems that Apple has listened to the many voices in the ecosystem, all yelled: “We’re not ready for the IDFA deprecation”. So how can you prepare better during this grace period?

How to A/B Test your App Store and Google Play Store Pages

More than just focusing on absolute conversion rates figures, nailing App Store Testing will have ripple effects that’ll amplify most of your marketing endeavours. Learn more with this guide.

Breaking Tests: All You Need to Know About the Chemistry Behind App Store Testing

What App Store testing methods got in common with one of the most esteemed TV series of all time? We're still trying to figure it out.

Our new podcast, Apple’s taking a step back and how users behave on Google Play

The first episode features Lomit Patel, VP Growth at IMVU, who shares how leveraging AI in user acquisition can maximize growth. Our ASO Food for Thought from September 10, 2020.

Introducing our New Podcast Series: Mobile Growth and Pancakes

We are delighted to present our podcast series: Mobile Growth and Pancakes. In each episode we'll host a mobile growth expert that will help us to break down a specific strategy.

Design the Best App Store Product Page With These Guidelines in Mind

As an ASO person, you are trusted with one of the most important strategic assets for your company, your App Store Product Page. Use this guide as a source for all your burning questions.

App Conversion Rate Benchmarks – App Store & Google Play (2020)

Our new guide will get you equipped with everything you need to understand how to use app store conversion benchmarks and, more importantly, how to improve yours

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Strategy Games

The second piece in our series of ASO categories analyses look at trends in what is unarguably one of the most profitable categories out there: Mobile strategy games