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The Ultimate App Store Test (Part 4): Analyzing Results

That’s it, we’re concluding our Ultimate App Store Test series with the final brick in your ASO wall - how to get the best from analyzing the results, to make sure this never-ending cycle will run seamlessly.

The Ultimate App Store Test (Part 3): Driving Traffic

In the penultimate part of our series, we're driving through the traffic: Discussing why app store test traffic is so important, looking into the right sample size, and giving you a framework for traffic planning.

Join Our Webinar: Navigating Blind – Creative Optimization Post IDFA

With Apple's new privacy guidelines knocking, it's going to be a challenging time for mobile growth practitioners to understand the impact of their creative optimization efforts. Join our webinar with Tilting Point and Gamesforum to understand where you should focus your efforts.

How to Track App Downloads and Revenue of Your App and Competitors

There are lots of mobile app tracking tools out there. As the success of your app or game hinges on many elements, start by understanding what best suites your strategy and budget.

iOS 14.5: A Brave New World for Mobile Growth

Apple’s new OS update is upon us, and an entire mobile industry is anxiously looking for solutions. To help you through, we are offering a comprehensive review and a valuable framework to work with.

A Recipe for Hypercasual Hits and What Will Happen to CPMs After iOS 14.5

This week we focused on the realm of the hypercasual game, with a webinar and an article to help your game reach success. Our ASO Food for Thought from March 4, 2021.

What Are the iOS App Screenshot Requirements and Best Practices?

Keep reading to learn how you can optimize your iOS app screenshots, better engage potential users, and increase revenue for your app development business.

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Hypercasual Games

Our recent category spotlight analysis on Hypercasual games sheds light on what the most successful apps are doing but just as importantly, what they’re NOT doing (and why).

What Are the iOS App Icon Requirements for the App Store?

Keep reading to learn both Apple's iOS app icon requirements in regards to app icons and a few best practices you can use to ensure your icon is as effective as it possibly can be.

How to A/B Test your App Store and Google Play Store Pages

More than just focusing on absolute conversion rates figures, nailing App Store Testing will have ripple effects that’ll amplify most of your marketing endeavours. Learn more with this guide.