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Watch our Webinar: How iOS 15 Will Create a Truly Optimized UA Journey from Creative to App Store

iOS 15 will completely change the way UA and ASO teams work. Watch our latest webinar to make sure you can leverage the advantages of this new update.

The New 2021 App Store Connect Metrics That Will Help You Better Understand Growth

In early October, Apple released an update to App Store Connect that finally features the new metrics discussed in WWDC 2021. Storemaven's Jonathan Fishman on the significant shift that these metrics will bring.

The Two Biggest Shifts in Mobile Marketing for 2022 and How to Deal With Them

With iOS 15, mobile marketing is on the cusp of MAJOR change. How will you ensure significant mobile growth in an App Store-centric world? We took a deep dive into why marketers can’t operate in the “old way” with tools designed for the “new way”.
Google Play Store App icon requirements guide | Storemaven

A Guide to Google Play App Icon Requirements

Learn more about Google Play app icon guidelines: Design Specifications, the mistakes to avoid, and 4 ways to create icons that will really stand out.

All the Ways to A/B Test your Product Page for iOS 15

If you’re in ASO and UA, Apple are presenting you with a great gift: iOS 15. You’ll have many new tools added to your arsenal, but harnessing their capabilities won’t be easy. Let the experts guide you.

The Complete iOS 15 App Store Optimization (ASO) Guide

Apple’s iOS 15 will reshape the mobile marketing world. This iOS 15 ASO guide is all you need for increasing install rates and creating the right message for the right audience.

How to Prepare Your App Store and ASO for iOS 15 – The Definitive Kit

Are you ready for iOS 15? Probably not yet. But don't be discouraged, read this guide and save our ultimate timeline to help you prepare.

What is App Store Keyword Search Volume?

The right keywords can make or break your entire ASO strategy. But to choose the right keywords, you must first understand app store keyword search volume. This is where to start.

iOS 15 – Product Page Optimization Guide

Apple's new iOS 15 feature, Product Page Optimization, will allow developers to test different icons, screenshots and app preview videos on their product pages. How can you harness this to help your mobile growth strategy? Start here.

Mobile UA post iOS 15 – From Campaign Optimization to Funnel Optimization

Before iOS 14.5 a UA team’s methodology was proven, repeatable, and straightforward. But iOS 15 is muddying the waters - in order to succeed in mobile UA, the mindset needs to shift to Funnel Optimization

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