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With Funnel Analytics, get instant insights
into optimizing your mobile app
& game install funnels

    Identify App Store Growth Opportunities - 1
    Identify App Store Growth Opportunities - 2

    You lost IDFA-based targeting.
    Win installs back with better
    audience segmentation

    Funnel Analytics maps the audiences you
    should design your product pages for

    All the funnel data you’ll ever
    need. Literally

    Access ASC, GPC, ASA, MMP, and market intel right here in your one source of truth for mobile marketing.

    Find quick wins, weak links, and
    new opportunities

    Get instant insights, and an easy to explore data platform, to surface the most impactful install opportunity at any given time.

    Understand who your audience is before planning your Product Page

    Easily understand who’s actually landing on your product pages and what your lookalikes look like

    Detect changes in specific install funnels immediately

    Does your Facebook traffic convert less over time? Is there a big positive trend in your network traffic? Catch changes in real time with smart monitoring

    See Install Funnel Analytics in action

      Saikala Sultanova, Senior Director of UA & Growth at Product Madness

      Storemaven’s platform allows us to understand the impact of our ASO efforts so we always know where we should focus our efforts to increase our mobile growth KPIs.

      Saikala Sultanova, Senior Director of UA & Growth at Product Madness

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