Competitor research made easy.
This is the ASO Tool Box

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    The only ASO Chrome Extension you’ll ever need. Genuinely

    Download all your assets into one place. View any App Store or
    Google Play page from a web browser to see how it looks in-store.
    Seamlessly switch devices and countries to see how your page looks for global users. And see competitors’ pages too.


    Discover how other apps are marketing
    themselves in the app stores.

    Every app. In every country.
    In every language.


    Watch videos, scroll through galleries and, read apps’ full descriptions.

    Experience an app store page exactly
    as a user would.


    This chrome extension allows you to
    research and save all creative assets
    straight onto your computer.

    Full videos, screenshots, descriptions:
    all just one click away.

    Take the tedium out of
    competitor research

    No more borrowing colleagues phones. No more changing personal app store
    user settings. No more screenshots. Simply open the App Store or Google Play Store
    on your Chrome browser and let the ASO Tool Box do the rest.

    App store creative assets, from anywhere
    in the world, straight to your downloads folder.

      Frequently asked questions

      The ASO Tool Box Chrome extension is a free tool that allows you to simulate how App Store & Google Play creatives look like in a real mobile device just by visiting the web version of the app stores.
      Yes, Storemaven always strives to build free tools that help solve everyday problem for mobile marketing people.
      Performing in-depth competitive ASO research usually requires switching between devices and locals and using many QA devices. This ASO extension eliminates this tedious process and saves you precious time.