Google Experiments
and beyond

    Google Experiments - 1
    Google Experiments - 2

    Not all users are
    created equal

    There is no such thing as an average user. Instead of testing on only the broadest and widest user set, focus on the audiences that matter. It’s about more than finding the highest common denominator, it’s about driving your most strategic audiences.

    There’s more to learn than simply install or drop

    Pinpoint exactly where users make decisions to build the full story of what truly motivates users at each and every stage of your Google Play store listing. Knowing the final score is one thing, but it’s time to watch the whole game.

    Embrace the data
    at your disposal

    As a mobile marketer, our armory is made up of a multitude of options. Our ASO experts will help you get the most out of your Google Experiments, adding insights through an individualized, comprehensive approach using everything in our mobile growth arsenal.

    Whatever insights you’re looking to uncover, whatever long term goals you’re trying to achieve, we’ll take advantage of every tool in your tool box with a long-term, holistic strategy.

      Meet the teams that know when to experiment and when to test

      Yonatan Maor, General Manager,  Playstudios

      Storemaven is the gold standard for ASO. Their ability to understand our needs and strategically solve our challenges has had a tremendous impact on our growth.

      Yonatan Maor, General Manager, Playstudios