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Ranking Factors for App Store and Google Play

Despite the app stores algorithms' complexities, ASO experts have identified trends and insights into the mechanisms that drive search results and app rankings.

The Complete Guide to Attribution and ASO

Mobile attribution is an important part of your overall ASO strategy. By understanding and applying the right models to app marketing, we can start understanding where our users are going, and why.

How to Improve your App Store Optimization Using Apple Search Ads

Rather than passively browse, most users are actively searching for an app that meets their needs. Here's how your tram can leverage this behavior using Apple Search Ads

How App Store Engagement Data Can Change the Way You Market Your App

After analyzing thousands of app store creative tests that leading mobile publishers have conducted on our platform, we’ve identified what makes companies successful in their app store optimization (ASO) strategies, and why many others fail.

Why the Mobile App Ecosystem Should Care About Fortnite and Conversion [Part 2]

Based on our assumptions of how much organic traffic app stores drive, we introduced a framework for analyzing how this decision might impact Fortnite’s overall conversion rate (CVR) and revenue.

6 Channels to Include in Your Mobile User Acquisition Strategy

This is a guest post from Branch on Mobile User Acquisition. Branch unifies mobile measurement and the user experiences across devices, platforms, and channels

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