Watch our Webinar: The Must-Have UA Skills for 2023

In this discussion, some of the best UA experts around unlocked major insights into the lay of the mobile games land, and the future skills needed to succeed in User Acquisition.

What’s coming over the hill for User Acquisition professionals in 2023? 

What new ways can we measure campaign activity and performance? 

And how exactly will Apple’s SKAN 4.0 affect the way we work? 

Our latest webinar The Must-Have UA Skills for 2023’ answered all these questions and more. 

Featuring expert panelists Mark Avidan, Director of UA at Zynga and Antti Paikkala, Head of Marketing at Small Giant Games, Storemaven’s VP of Product Marketing and Consultancy Esther Shatz led the session which gave valuable insight into the lay of the mobile games land. Thanks to Andrej Kugonic, Head of Marketing at Nordeus, who gave his insights but couldn’t unexpectedly join this time.

In case you missed it, here’s another opportunity to hear the discussion and stay ahead of the curve: 

About Ron Gordon
Ron is Storemaven's Head of Marketing, the one person you would have guessed will know what this mobile growth talk is all about. A misguided law student and journalist, Ron brings to the table some lack of seriousness the Hitech realm is desperately in need of. In his spare time, he's mainly trolling Whatsapp groups.

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