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ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Role-Playing Games

Get into character - today we’re attacking the Role-playing games category. See what the top-grossing games are doing right, and the black holes they’re avoiding.

The Ultimate App Store Test (Part 2): Creative Design

In the second part of our ultimate test series, we'll learn how to turn these great hypotheses you came with, into effective creatives that will not only dazzle the users but also move the needle in the right direction.

The Ultimate App Store Test (Part 1): Building Hypotheses

In the first article of our new series, we're looking at how you can create the best hypotheses to start your App Store testing cycle. We'll talk conducting research, which elements to consider, and look at some examples of hypotheses - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Shopping Apps

How do the biggest brands in the world like Target, Nike and eBay optimize their app store pages to increase conversions? It’s time for our next category spotlight: Shopping apps.

Watch our Webinar: iOS 14.5 – A Brave New World for Mobile Growth

As iOS 14.5 is about to roll out, we need to be bold - to go back to marketing and growth basics and think about how to continue to produce growth. Watch our full webinar on this matter and be ready for this brave new world ahead.

5 Great App Store Pages and What Makes Them Perfect

Nothing is really original, isn't it? In this article, we hope you’ll find inspiration from some great apps and games of companies that are doing it right.

Download The Complete App Store Optimization Guide (2021)

This comprehensive App Store Optimization guide will help you master the intricacies of this winning doctrine. Get your copy of our eBook now.

A Guide to User Behavior: The Google Play Store

If we don’t get to know our users, and how they behave on the app stores, we risk alienating them and ultimately, turning them away from us and straight into the arms of the competition.

The Ultimate Guide To App Store Videos

Not many issues spark ASO debates like app store videos. Our take is quite simple: Videos are a crucial tool, only if done right. Get the framework and tips on how to start.

Bringing Back Your Lapsed Users with a Robust Re-engagement Strategy

By creating web, social media, and in-app advertisements that target lapsed users or dormant users you can tap into a low-hanging fruit growth avenue.