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The Complete iOS 15 ASO Preparation Crash Course

iOS 15 changes are upon us, and dare we say that these 13 short videos are everything you need to make sure your ASO and UA strategy is on the right track.

What to Look For in an ASO Agency

Working with an ASO agency? Why? Why not? Still wondering why ASO is important and how an agency will help you move forward? This is the article to check out.

iOS 15 – Custom Product Pages Guide

What are Apple's Custom Product Pages for iOS 15, how do they impact your ASO and UA strategy, and what actions should you take to prepare? Kickstart your iOS 15 understanding with this guide.

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Food and Drink Apps

For our eighth installment in our category spotlight series, we're taking on the 25 top-grossing apps in the Food and Drink category. See what these household names are all about when it comes to App Store domination.

Watch our Webinar: iOS 15 – a new era for mobile growth

Apple's iOS 15 will bring many new opportunities to ASO and UA teams worldwide. Join Storemaven's Co-founders for a discussion about the future of this industry, and our coming solution.

The Orange Brick Road: ASO Learning Path #1 – The Creative Optimization Edition

This article offers you a shortcut to mastering Creative Optimization, with all the materials you need to turn your app or game into a success. Just follow the footprints on the orange bricks inside.

The Orange Brick Road: ASO Learning Path #2 – The Discoverability Edition

Our second Orange Brick guide covers everything you need to learn about the chance of getting your app discovered by users. From keyword localization to the connection between paid and organic, it has it all.

ASO App Store Category Spotlight: Social Apps

FB, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat - they need no introduction, but that doesn’t mean social media giants can ignore their app stores presence. We look at who is getting it right.

The Ultimate App Store Test (Part 2): Creative Design

In the second part of our ultimate test series, we'll learn how to turn these great hypotheses you came with, into effective creatives that will not only dazzle the users but also move the needle in the right direction.

The Ultimate App Store Test (Part 1): Building Hypotheses

In the first article of our new series, we're looking at how you can create the best hypotheses to start your App Store testing cycle. We'll talk conducting research, which elements to consider, and look at some examples of hypotheses - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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