Episode #57: Greatest Hits – User Acquisition Tips

In this special episode, we gathered the best tips and insights from top UA experts. From tracking tactics to the right channel mix and much more.

In this episode of Mobile Growth & Pancakes, we dive into some of our guests’ hottest tips on user acquisition. From Alexander Lubchenko of Nekki, Alexey Gusev of Goodgame Studios, Stefana Pesko of Product Madness, and Tom Hammond of UserWise.

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Key takeaways and tips:

  • Tom Hammond’s Tips – You want to ensure a positive ROI when investing in user acquisition. You must balance and have a baseline with your data as much as possible, but know that some activities are difficult to track. However, sometimes, you might feel that an idea is working.
  • Alexey Gusev’s Tips – You need to understand your products and customers and work with your product team. When you tailor that all together into a successful UA campaign and target the right user at the right time, that is where the magic happens.
  • Alexander Lubchenko’s Tips – You can’t split UA, paid UA, and ASO. All three should be closely connected. You should consider more than just the tracked volumes of installs from the MNP platform when creating search ads. But, at the same time, you are increasing your branded search traffic conversion.
  • Stefana Pesko’s Tips – Testing different channels is essential. Most go straight to Facebook or Google. But not every channel suits every strategy or brand. Measuring and effectively optimizing campaigns have become more challenging. So UA specialists have needed to adopt a more creative, strategic, and highly-technical approach.

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