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We took the expertise of the world’s top ASO people and distilled it into the world’s best app store creative testing solution.

Why Storemaven - 1
Why Storemaven - 1

Think beyond the
app store

Tap into our industry knowledge and intimate understanding
of the app store ecosystem with a client base that contains
80% of the top mobile brands combining years of accumulated
industry knowledge and test data.

From competitor reports to ASO app audits and industry
trends, our expert ASO consulting team is here to guide you step by step.

It’s time to build a holistic testing strategy that answers the
needs of today and preempts the needs of tomorrow.

Built by experts,
built from experience

StoreIQ is the industry’s most sophisticated testing algorithm,
requiring significantly less traffic than alternative solutions
whilst maintaining accurate and actionable results.

Our proprietary technology was built specifically for the app store by data scientists and ASO specialists.

Storemaven is more than just a creative testing tool, it’s your app store strategy partner.

Why Storemaven - 10
Why Storemaven - 10

The app store
consists of many
moving parts

Create an ASO strategy that brings results
by fully understanding the intricacies of
those relationships.

Changing your app store is a strategic decision,
make it with the backing of the ASO strategy experts.

    80% of the top mobile companies in the world
    fuel their growth with Storemaven

    Maria Waters, Head of Conversion Optimization,  Zynga

    We have increased app install conversions by more than 66% after testing content for our app stores with StoreMaven.

    Maria Waters, Head of Conversion Optimization, Zynga

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