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How to A/B Test your App Store and Google Play Store Pages

More than just focusing on absolute conversion rates figures, nailing App Store Testing will have ripple effects that’ll amplify most of your marketing endeavours. Learn more with this guide.

Breaking Tests: All You Need to Know About the Chemistry Behind App Store Testing

What App Store testing methods got in common with one of the most esteemed TV series of all time? We're still trying to figure it out.

Storemaven’s StoreIQ: Going Under the Hood

Storemaven's approach to A/B/n testing is designed to tackle many of the problems of the classical testing methods. Fair warning - some basic statistical theory knowledge is required before you continue reading.

Exploring the Funnel: About Individual Variation Links

Individual variation links are test links that are leading directly to each variation of a test, instead of having one test link that divides users evenly and randomly between the variations.

Why Creative Sets are Great for Optimizing ROAS but Risky for Product Page Optimization

Creative Sets are not actually an a/b testing solution for App Store creatives. Instead, they are Apple’s attempt to allow Search Ads users to dynamically serve different creatives in different ad groups.

How to Set Up a Facebook Campaign for Storemaven ASO Tests

A step-by-step guide for creating Facebook ads which direct to a Storemaven test

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How to Effectively Run Facebook Campaigns for a Storemaven Test

Like any other marketing campaign, our main goal in sending traffic to a StoreMaven test is to get quality users at the lowest cost possible. In this post, we will touch on a few important elements to take into consideration.

How to Set Up an ASO Test in Storemaven

A step-by-step guide for creating ASO tests in Storemaven

How to Set Up Non-Facebook Campaigns to a Storemaven ASO Test

This guide explains how app developers/media vendors should set up media campaigns driving traffic to a Storemaven test from non-Facebook channels

App Store Creative Asset Restrictions for a Storemaven Test

This resource details the guidelines and requirements you should follow when uploading new app store creative assets to your StoreMaven test

Audience Testing: The Smart Way to ASO

There’s ASO testing, and then there’s ASO testing with audience segmentation.

ASO Best Practices: How to Design and Run Better Screenshot Tests

You only have one app store page. No matter where people come from—whether it’s through paid user acquisition (UA) ads, word of mouth, app store search results, top charts, navigation tabs, etcetera—they all land on this single page.

How Much Should You Rely on Google Play Store Listing Experiments?

Based on our experience working with Google Experiments and helping mobile publishers test creatives on our platform, we wanted to set the record straight about several misconceptions about the tool.

Pearl’s Peril Increases Reengagement Amongst Lapsed Users

Wooga (now a part of Playtika) is a well-established mobile game developer and has been in the casual gaming industry for 10 years now.

Storemaven Tests on New Google Play Design Show Surprising Impact on ASO

Over the last few months, Google has been testing a redesign of the Play Store App Listings. The redesign holds interesting and significant opportunities for developers.

The ASO A/B Test Bluff: Why You Pay Less and Lose More

In this article, we'll better understand the A/B testing process, and provide you with information on how StoreIQ™ has proven to be the most statistically sound and effective way to test app store creatives.

The 6 Fundamental Principles of Good ASO

It seems every great philosophy comes with its own set of guiding principles, neatly numbered and easy to follow. Think the 10 Commandments, the 12 step program, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, 3 Blind Mice and so on.

Staying Ahead of the ASO Testing Curve: Why the Top Apps Test & Keep Testing

As ASO and mobile marketing people, our job is to make sure that our creative elements in the App Store and Google Play are doing their job

You Can (and You Should) Test for Organic Installs: How to Use Paid Traffic as a Proxy

They’re almost mythical. Spoken about with an air of reverence and an undefinable, unboxable magic.

Why We Use Bayesian Statistics for More Accurate ASO Testing

In this post, I will dive in a bit deeper and explain the statistical fundamentals that make StoreIQ™ more accurate for ASO testing.

ASO App Store Testing 101: Where to Start

The goal of any ASO creative optimization strategy is simple: increase conversions. It would help if those conversions will be high quality and consistent but mostly just to get the most eyes on page and the most installs per set of eyes.

5 Ingredients of an Effective App Store Optimization (ASO) Test

As a mobile marketer, you have one main goal: acquire the most qualified users, profitably.

3 Major Problems in Google Play Experiment A/B Testing Solved with StoreMaven

This is a guest post from Incipia’s CEO & Co-Founder, Gabe Kwakyi.

Why the New Google Play Console Organic Insights Aren’t as Valuable as You Think

Learn why the new Google Play Console organic search and explore insights may not be as valuable to your App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy as you think.

Why App Concept Testing Is Crucial to Your App Store Optimization (ASO) Strategy

This post discusses the first stage in the pre-launch process—concept testing. Learn why it should be an integral part of your ASO and product development strategies and how to leverage it effectively.