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R App Store App Referral
App Store app referral is a traffic source that includes visitors that come to an app store listing via apps (not from the web).
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App Store Ranking
If an app’s discoverability is low, this will result in fewer impressions and limited growth
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App Store Ratings
In the App Store, each app gets a rating of 0.0-5 which is based on users’ opinions
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App Store Reviews
In the App Store, reviews are presented in the review gallery below-the-fold. This means that only about 20%-25% of users are exposed to it.
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App Store Web Referral
App Store web referral is a traffic source which includes all visitors that arrive at an app listing from an external source (mobile web), most commonly the iOS Safari browser.
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Google Play Ranking
Google Play ranking is a crucial element to an app’s visibility and audience impressions which is why the industry and ASO teams look to it as a priority when strategizing.
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Google Play Third-party Referral
Google Play third-party referrals refer to traffic sourced by users that open a link, that takes them straight to the product page in Google Play.
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Re-engagement is the process and marketing strategy that targets and entices users who are no longer engaged in an app when once they were via a campaign, usually of the ad variety.
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Replicated App Store Page
A replicated App Store page is a tool that third-party A/B testing platforms like Storemaven use to replicate an App Store or Google Play environment in order to understand on-page behavior and run A/B tests
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