App Store Analytics: Device

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What is App Store Analytics: Device?

As you probably know, Apple makes a variety of different devices, which include iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, iPods, and computers.

The “Device” metric in App Store Connect will help you filter your data and learn how your apps perform on different platforms. How many iPhone apps have you sold? And how do these numbers compare to iPad apps you’ve sold? What about your conversion rates for each platform? Are they comparable? You need to analyze the data to answer this question with clarity and confidence.

It’s important to realize that metrics like “App Units,” “In-App Purchases,” and “Sales” are based on the platform the app is downloaded on, while metrics like “Active in Last 30 Days,” “Product Page Views,” “Retention,” and “Sessions” are based on the platform the app is used on. Also of note, the “Device” filter inside App Store Connect is available for both Apps and App Clips.

To access the “Device” filter, login to App Store Connect, navigate to the metric you want to analyze (think “App Units” or “Product Page Views”) and filter by device.

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