App Store Redownloads

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What are App Store Redownloads?

iOS users delete apps on a regular basis. There are a variety of reasons for this: they’ve run out of space on their iPhones, they don’t use the app as much as they thought they would, they already beat the game, they didn’t enjoy using the app and downloaded something else to replace it, etc.

Occasionally, these users re-download the apps they deleted in the past. Maybe the app was recently updated and now includes the features they need. Maybe new levels were added to the game and the user wants to play them. Whatever the case may be, Apple enables developers to track redownloads via the “App Store Redownloads” metric. That way they can gauge whether their re-engagement efforts are effective or not, how accepted new features are, and more.

To view “Redownloads” data for your app(s), login to App Store Connect, navigate to the Metrics tab, and click “Redownloads” in the pop-up menu. Just remember, the “App Store Redownloads” metric does NOT include auto-updates and device restores.

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