Mobile Growth

Mobile growth is the science of growing and gaining ground in reaching and retaining users in the App Store or Google Play.

What is Mobile Growth

Mobile growth is the science of growing and gaining ground in reaching and retaining users in the App Store or Google Play; in other words, ongoing growth from user satisfaction in an active user base. Growth is vital for mobile app marketers in order to rise above other mobile apps in what is a very competitive landscape. Growth is a metric that reflects the success of an app; healthy user growth and user retention correlate with the ultimate app business goal – revenue growth.

The science of leveraging a set of tactics that achieves and maximizes mobile growth. These tactics include paid user acquisition (UA) channels such as advertising, offline/influencer marketing, ASO (including keyword optimization and creative optimization), re-engagement campaigns, and more. 

Mobile growth also places the practice of retention in high regard in order to minimize churn (users who have stopped playing or engaging with an app/game for a certain period of time). 

Why Mobile Growth is Important

It’s a fact, with the numerous apps that are published in the stores every day that make up the millions available, for the vast majority they’ve had no more than a handful of installs. 

The competitive nature of the App Store and Google Play store results in most of the apps arriving and remaining invisible to users, and this in part is because the app developers / marketers behind them haven’t fully understood mobile growth. Mobile growth is one of the most important aspects of ‘getting it right’ in the mobile app business. 

Mobile Growth and ASO

ASO drives growth. It’s just that simple. Growth is all about discoverability: how users can find an app in a sea of, often similar, offerings. And ASO is vital to access and improve discoverability, which means growth and ASO are mutually exclusive. 

ASO is driving growth in the platforms (Apple’s App Store Connect and Google Play’s Console) by pulling the levers that influence the factor of growth within the App Store and Google Play platforms themselves, some of the more important ones are improving discoverability (leveraging paid growth to do that) and optimizing app listings to increase conversion rates for different audiences.

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