App Store Culturalization

App Store culturalization is the practice of changing an app’s product page to be in line textually and visually with the region’s unique nuances and values.

What is App Store Culturalization

App Store culturalization goes further than App Store localization (which is the translation of user-visible metadata on an app’s product page for launch in a different country outside the initial country- usually the US). App Store culturalization is the practice of changing an app’s product page to be in line textually and visually with the region’s unique nuances and values, going so far as showcasing certain features inside the app that are favored by the target audience.

It takes some research and expertise, but if an app developer implements colloquial messaging and accentuates features specific to or that resonate with an audience’s locale/language in the creative assets of a product page, it results in the target audience having a deeper engagement with the app store page and better quality installs. 

Why App Store Culturalization is Important

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to adapting an app’s product page for a different audience. By conducting research using a testing platform such as Storemaven, certain features that are used more in the target country can be uncovered, optimized and localized to make the app’s product page more targeted. 

It’s the idea that in a different market, certain features of an app are favoured more, so it’s beneficial to showcase those on the localized product page. The use of features with a photography app for example may differ from country to country; where one country may engage more with a filters feature, the new target country may engage better with the social/share/comment aspects so it’s the social elements that should be localized and emphasised on the App Store product page for the target country.

App Store Culturalization is not just translating the same creative or marketing messaging into different languages for multiple countries, it is the process by which an app developer tailors their App Store product page to make it more culturally engaging for different geographies.

App Store Culturalization and ASO

Having an ASO culturalization strategy is very important for gaining ground in new markets and for putting forward an app product page that resonates with the audience on a cultural level and in a meaningful way. 

An app developer can decide for him/herself what level of culturalization they’re happy to reach, but it’s important that the bare minimum would be doing enough research to avoid placing inappropriate content on an app’s product page which could offend the intended audience. 

Good conversion rates are likely only seen if in-depth research into cultural nuances is conducted or ASO experts like Storemaven are used to offer results and insights they’ve gained from test results of the target audience. 

Without optimizing an app’s product page to reflect and engage with what the local audience relates to, an app developer may not see the app install figures they were hoping for. The ASO tool of culturalization should never be underestimated.

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