App Store Localization

App Store localization is the practice of adapting and localizing the elements that a user sees on an app’s product page into a target language.

What is App Store Localization

App Store localization is the practice of adapting and localizing the metadata (elements) that a user sees on an app’s product page into a target language, in order for the app to be found in the target App Store. This metadata is app name, title, subtitle, description, and text in imagery (screenshots and/or video). The practice of app localization often goes hand-in-hand with the topic of App Store Culturalization.  

As the App Store is available in 175 countries / regions and 40 languages, localization offers app developers the opportunity to improve their reach in the global market. An app that succeeds in engaging via a wide range of languages will reap the benefits.  

Why App Store Localization is Important

Localizing an app for a different audience means it stands a much better chance of reaching a higher ranking and conversion rates in the target country’s App Store. It’s vital for app developers who are launching in different geographies beyond their initial country of launch to be able to communicate on a per-country basis, which means all the metadata described above, and any text such as the caption that appears on screenshots, must be translated and optimized for the new market. 

The caliber of translations should be high, professional translation is preferred and ideally using a local professional who knows language and dialect. A literal translation isn’t recommended- there’s room for error and miscommunication using this method and even the best product can have its chances dashed if a product page looks like it’s been made using Google translate. 

The same goes for any design changes that need localizing, a designer that’s local to the target audience will have a deep understanding of the landscape, and using them to design any assets will improve an app’s chances to localize successfully. These efforts are to maximize the chances of increasing the app’s reach and to see high conversion rates. 

App Store Localization and ASO

To see positive conversion rates, the localization of an App Store product page (which is the process of adapting the user-visible elements to different countries and their languages) is imperative. Being able to communicate to an audience in their respective language is a key ASO practice for improving global visibility; by acknowledging and catering for language differences, content can be localized to drive app engagement and downloads. 

Even an app name can be translated, as can the keywords, both of which are essential App Store optimization tools. For any app developer needing pointers on how to localize their product page, ASO experts like Storemaven can provide useful insights.

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