App Conversion Rate

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What’s App Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate, in general, measures the percentage of people who have taken a desired action. Conversion rate, in terms of the Apple App Store, measures the percentage of people who have downloaded an app after being exposed to it, either via the Today, Games, Apps, and Search tabs, or by some other means.

To find your app’s conversion rate, divide the number of impressions your app has generated by the number of downloads it receives. For example, if 100 people see your app in the iOS Store today, and 60 of them download or redownload it, your conversion rate will be 60%. The higher your conversion rate is, the better. The reason is obvious: a higher conversion rate equals more downloads of your app.

To improve your app’s conversion rate, test your app’s icon, name, screenshots, description, etc. to see if different creative elements produce more favorable results. This is called App Store Optimization, better known as ASO. To learn more about ASO, read through our many free articles on the topic, which you can do here.

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