App Store Analytics: App Referrer

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What is App Store Analytics: App Referrer?

Do you advertise your apps and games inside other apps and games? It’s a popular marketing strategy. But it will only benefit your business if you can analyze the success (or not) of these campaigns.

The “App Referrer” filter will help you determine which third-party apps send your apps and/or games the most traffic. You can use this information to inform future marketing decisions.

For example, if you learn that your app has received a significant portion of its traffic from “APP XYZ”, you can reach out to the developers of this app to see if they’d be interested in establishing a deeper partnership. At the same time, you can stop paying to advertise your app/game in other apps/games that don’t drive traffic.

To access the “App Referrer” filter, login to App Store Connect and navigate to the “Sources” tab. Then click the “App Referrer” figure for more information. Please note: “App Referrer” details are available for both Apps and App Clips.

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