App Store Impressions (Unique Devices)

What are App Store Impressions (Unique Devices)? Get the full definition and learn more about the mobile growth realm with Storemaven's glossary.

What are App Store Impressions (Unique Devices)?

The “App Store Impressions (Unique Devices)” metric is similar to the “App Store Impressions” metric. Here’s the difference: rather than tallying every view your app gets on the iOS Store’s Today, Games, Apps, and Search tabs, and via its individual product page, “App Store Impressions (Unique Devices)” only tallies views from, you guessed it, unique devices.

Let’s say, for example, that your app received 1,000 impressions over the past 30 days. 842 of them came from different devices. The remaining 158 impressions came from App Store users who returned to your app’s product page a second, maybe even a third, time. In this scenario, your “App Store Impressions” metric would read 1,000. Your “App Store Impressions (Unique Devices)” metric, on the other hand, would read 842. It’s important to remember that Apple only registers an impression if a user views your app for one second or more. This means that iOS users who scroll past your app, but neglect to engage with it in any way, aren’t factored into the “App Store Impressions (Unique Devices)” metric, making it much more accurate and usable.

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