App Store Paying Users

What are App Store Paying Users? Get the full definition and learn more about new iOS 15 features and capabilities.

What is an App Store Paying User?

The “App Store Paying Users” metric refers to the number of unique users, based on their Apple IDs, that have paid for one or more of your apps and/or in-app app purchases in the iOS Store.

Let’s pretend you have two apps in the Apple App Store, one is available for free, and the other costs $2.99. The free app, however, offers a $0.99 in-app purchase, while the paid app doesn’t offer any in-app purchases. To date, 2,000 people have downloaded your free app. Of those, 1,300 have made an in-app purchase. At the same time, 500 people have bought your second app for $2.99. In this example, you would have 1,800 App Store paying users.

To view App Store proceeds per paying user, click “Proceeds” in the Metrics tab and compare the information you find to the number of Paying Users your app has.

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