App Store Impressions

What are App Store Impressions? Get the full definition and learn more about the mobile growth realm.

What are App Store Impressions?

The “App Store Impressions” metric measures the number of times your app is viewed on the Today, Games, Apps, and Search tabs of the Apple App Store, as well as on your app’s product page. In other words, it measures the visibility of your app(s).

This information is essential when evaluating revenue-oriented metrics such as your app’s conversion rate. We should mention that Apple only registers an impression if an app is viewed for more than one second at a time. This makes the “The App Store Impressions” metric much more valuable. Why? Because users who scroll past your app in the iOS Store, but don’t stop to learn more about it, aren’t factored in. As such, your “Impressions” numbers will be more reliable.

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