App Store Behavior

App Store behavior is the science of understanding how users engage with app store pages.

What is App Store Behaviour

To put it simply, App Store behavior is the science of understanding how users engage with app store pages. By taking a deeper look at user journeys and how they react to the options marketers present them, we can understand how we impact user behavior.

After analyzing millions of user sessions, we’re able to break users into two behavior categories:

1. Decisive users makeup around 60-70% of all users. These folk will arrive at an App Store product page, take a glance at the first impression they’re presented with (visuals and text above the fold) for a duration of three to six seconds. At this point, the decisive user will either install the app or drop from the page without exploring any further. 

2. Explorative users. These users are happy to explore the information that’s on offer in order to make a decision; they will actually scroll through the gallery, watch videos if there are any, look down the page below the fold, read the reviews and the description. All of this normally takes between six to twelve seconds. 

Why App Store Behavior is Important

What does this all mean? It means that by putting effort into understanding who your audience is, by analyzing their behavior and spotting their trends, app developers can make marketing decisions based on knowledge. No more guessing.

App Store behavior is important simply because without it, app developers would be in the dark, as would ASO experts who would be unable to make informed decisions about what on a product page should be optimized and why. Without researching quantitative data of user journeys to analyze what users are doing on the app store product page, an app’s audience would be an enigma and it would be down to pot luck or guesswork as to which app store creatives were successful and why. 

Understanding App Store behavior means it’s possible to pinpoint which creatives / messaging hit the right notes with users (optimization) and where they’re best placed. This will help improve the conversion rate and minimize the chances of users dropping without installing. 

App Store Behavior and ASO

ASO relies on the analysis of data. By understanding that for decisive users, a product page only has a maximum of six seconds in order to engage in time, so it is the job of an ASO expert to know what should be shown immediately to optimize a user’s first impression. 

Here at Storemaven we have optimizing insights on tons of data: which creative strategies are most likely to work in different markets and categories, which orientation (portrait or landscape) is favored or which combination of creatives (videos and/or images etc) leads to healthy install numbers. By capitalizing on user behavior data, it’s possible to improve conversion rates which is one of the pillars of app success.

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