Watch Our Webinar: The Creative Optimization Masterclass

Watch our very own Amy Hilman, App Store Marketing Team Lead, and Danny Spyra, Yahoo Finance’s Director of Product Marketing, bringing prowess to creative optimization efforts

Making sure that you accurately and effectively communicate your value propositions is the job of your creative assets. And its effect is felt across the entire app store marketing funnel. It’s time to get it right with a smart long-term strategy. And we’re here to help. 

Danny Spyra, Director of Product Marketing at Yahoo Finance, joins our own App Store Marketing Team Lead, Amy Hilman, as they take the digital stage to deliver a masterclass on creative optimization. 

They’ll delve into:

-How to develop an app store creative marketing strategy

-How to adapt your marketing strategy by platform

-How to strategize your app store’s page to meet different audiences’ needs and preferences

-How to ensure your app store marketing aligns with and strengthens your brand

-How to rethink your app store positioning during a time of change

-Learn first hand how Yahoo Finance has navigated and tackled their creative marketing strategy

Listen to the full webinar below and download the entire deck using this link.

About Kim Feldman
With a BA in Economics and Drama from the University of Cape Town and Honours Degree in Theatre Directing, Kim left it all behind to join the world of advertising before jumping ship to marketing. A recovering technophobe, she has now found a new home making sense of all things data, mobile, and hi-tech. At work, they call her the Content Marketing Writer but she’ll always be a copywriter at heart.

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