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App Store Statistics Revealed: What We Learned from Analyzing 500M Sessions

App store statistics and best practices based on more than 500M sessions and 4+ years of analyzing the leading app developers

Audience Testing: The Smart Way to ASO

There’s ASO testing, and then there’s ASO testing with audience segmentation.

Watch our Fireside Chat: Discussing the Next Generation of ASO with Jam City

First, there were the bare basics. Then we evolved and ASO became an art.

iOS: Take 14. Attribution, Appeals & ASO

The future is about privacy. The connecting lines piecing together your usage history across user IDs and devices are being severed. Our ASO Food for Thought from July 7, 2020.

Watch our Webinar: How to Increase App Store Conversion through Creative Optimization

Do you have a creative optimization strategy for your mobile app or game? Is it measurable, practical, and effective? Watch our expert ASO panel touching on this and much more

The 6 Fundamental Principles of Good ASO

It seems every great philosophy comes with its own set of guiding principles, neatly numbered and easy to follow. Think the 10 Commandments, the 12 step program, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, 3 Blind Mice and so on.

Discussing the Next Generation of ASO

Storemaven's President, Adam Rakib, sat down with Jam City's SVP Publishing, Vanessa Rouhani, to share their insights at MGS2020 and address all your burning questions

You Can (and You Should) Test for Organic Installs: How to Use Paid Traffic as a Proxy

They’re almost mythical. Spoken about with an air of reverence and an undefinable, unboxable magic.

ASO and App Marketing mistakes: Test in Google Play Experiments and Implement in the iOS App Store

The final hurdle every user must cross on their journey to install always sits with creative assets.

Watch Our Webinar: The Creative Optimization Masterclass

Watch our very own Amy Hilman, App Store Marketing Team Lead, and Danny Spyra, Yahoo Finance’s Director of Product Marketing, bringing prowess to creative optimization efforts

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