Discussing the Next Generation of ASO

Storemaven's President, Adam Rakib, sat down with Jam City's SVP Publishing, Vanessa Rouhani, to share their insights at MGS2020 and address all your burning questions

First, there were the bare basics. Then we evolved and ASO became an art. Now we’re turning it into a science. This is ASO 3.0. And the world’s top brands are already employing this new approach.

We took the stage at MGS20 to discuss this and many more takes about the future of mobile growth, and now you can hear it straight from the pros who do it every day.

Storemaven’s President, AdamRakib, sat down with Jam City’s SVP Publishing, Vanessa Rouhani, to share their insights and address all your burning questions.

Watch their 15-minute fireside chat right here.

About Kim Feldman
With a BA in Economics and Drama from the University of Cape Town and Honours Degree in Theatre Directing, Kim left it all behind to join the world of advertising before jumping ship to marketing. A recovering technophobe, she has now found a new home making sense of all things data, mobile, and hi-tech. At work, they call her the Content Marketing Writer but she’ll always be a copywriter at heart.

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