App Clip Card Views

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What are App Clip Card Views?

An “App Clip” is a simplified version of an app that enables users to perform basic tasks without having to download a full application. Many developers use them as app discovery tools. When a user decides to use an App Clip, they’ll be shown an “App Clip Card,” which will introduce the user to the App Clip, explain what it can do, display developer permissions, and provide a link to the full app in the iOS Store.

“App Clip Card Views” is a metric that measures the number of times a card has been invoked for a specific App Clip on iOS 14 and beyond. By using the information this metric provides, you can discover how popular your App Clips are, how effective your App Clip Cards are at converting users, and more.

To see your app’s “Clip Card Views” details, login to App Store Connect and navigate to the Metrics dashboard. Then click the metric selector in the top left corner of your screen. Select “App Clip Card Views” from the following pop-up menu. It should be noted that the information this metric displays is only available for users who have agreed to share their personal usage and diagnostics data with developers.

For more information on App Clips metrics, visit our other Glossary entries: “App Clip Card Views (Unique)”, “App Clip Installations”, “App Clip Sessions”, “App Clip Crashes”, and “App Clip Active Devices”.

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