Product Page Conversion Rate

What is Product Page Conversion Rate? Get the full definition and learn more about the mobile growth realm with Storemaven's glossary.

What is Product Page Conversion Rate?

Every app developer wants to improve their app’s conversion rate. Why? It’s simple: the higher your conversion rate is, the more downloads your app receives.

“Product Page Conversion Rate” is a specific conversion metric that measures the percentage of people who download (or redownloaded) an app after seeing said app’s product page.

If, for example, 100 people visit your app’s product page today and 20 of them download your app, your conversion rate will be 20%. Here’s the official formula: Product Page Conversion Rate = [Total Downloads From App Product Page] / [Unique Product Page Views].

To improve your Product Page Conversion Rate, test each of your product page’s creative elements to see if alternative icons, screenshots, descriptions, etc. perform better. This process is known as App Store Optimization, ASO for short.

To learn more about ASO, read through our many free articles on the topic, which you can do here.

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