App Retention Rate

What are App Retention Rates? Get the full definition and learn more about new iOS 15 features and capabilities.

What’s an App Retention Rate?

Retention rate is an important metric for app developers. Why? Because it measures the usage of your app(s) over time.

To find your app’s retention rate, choose a date range. Then divide the total number of active devices in your chosen date range by the number of active devices at the end of your chosen date range. For example, if 100 people downloaded your app on January 1st and 40 of them logged at least one session with your app on January 8th (one week later) your retention rate would be 40%.

Your retention rate can tell you a lot of things about your app marketing strategy, such as whether you’re targeting the right users. In general, the higher your retention rate is, the more successful your app will be. To increase your app’s retention rate, one tactic is to discover the things that prevent users from accessing your app on a regular basis, then fix them to avoid these friction points. Here are more tips on how to increase your app’s retention rate.

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